Siblings {October}

I made the effort in the last few weeks, and it paid off!

Six (6) photos of The Siblings for you folks {or as we tell the kids when trying to get them to cooperate “look at the camera so we can send this to Grandmama” (who lives two days drive from us)}.

Top to Bottom

~ Kids all leaving {at the same time}. What I especially love about this photo is Kat has Nicholas! She then proceeded to carry him out to the car, which left my hands totally free for locking up. Big kids guys! They can do big things for mamas!🙂

~ Attempted line up shot. Z was not interested. And once he saw the camera come out he immediately tried to get down to see the picture.

~ All the boys in the wagon…

~ Panned shot of the doctor’s office waiting room, where I managed all five for a few minutes before my mom came for back up.

~ Flying kites with Grandma and Papa. (All five are there… Promise.)

~ At the beach house.

Flash back to last summer at the same beach house (different part of the porch).


{This post is part of an ongoing project to take at least one photo a month of them all together. Intro’s here}

The Me and Mine Project

No school this week (QTs #31)


No school this week

There were several reasons for this, but mainly I realized that we were going to have a few too many doctors visits this week, and days when there are doctors visits always mean school is kinda hit or miss. So, I’d like to think I have excellent planning skills and arranged this all to nicely coincide with the holiday on Monday… but… I don’t. All coincidence.

I did however notice that other homeschoolers are taking this week off too (pure chance). And I think I like the reasoning behind this, do six weeks of school, take one week off. Now, I don’t school year round.. well… not intentionally anyway, but I still think this schedule would work well for us.

Mini (mini) vacation

We went away Sunday and Monday. (A few photos of our walk in the rain). It was fun. I tried my hand at Instagram Live… but that idea faltered once I realized we were out of cell phone service (and internet)… So…. yeah, that’s where we were🙂

But the kids also got to fly their kites which they have been anxiously waiting to do ever since they received them, oh…. six months ago?


Doctors Appointments

I had a routine ultrasound on my thyroid (you’ll all be glad to know every thing came back with no change, which boils down to little concern for anything cancerous to be happening – always a good thing!)

Kat and Johny’s annual physical. They’re healthy. And growing.🙂


Nicki turned 7 months this week too!14714802_10157519066585627_322769073644610387_o

He’s currently perfecting:

Chewing on Cords to the Point of Breaking

Mommy is still trying to figure out how it’s been seven months. Like, for real guys, I still think it’s the beginning of 2016. It still feels weird to be writing 2016 on my checks…


I’ve been slowly starting on working on cleaning/organizing a space for myself to have an office in the basement. This week I managed to get a few things tossed out courtesy of our friendly neighborhood curbside removal service.

I have ideas folks. But, the implementation is slow.

Working on the company blog

I’ve been logging some serious (for me) computer time trying to figure out how to move websites around for my dad’s company’s blog (which I “manage”).

This is what my brain feels like after I do that

dUyjod038*3&@2)00(4-keweoid9245n13dc%k*djwiq2 !#$$ 9fdjaoknc8ejq0xl9(&4212jdnnnw….

But, I *think* I’ve got it figured out now (famous last words, right?), so just waiting on authorization to make the actual move.😉

Projects still waiting to be done during this week “off”

Hang windows shades in the big boys room, and Katherine’s room.
Work on the next square of Johny’s unending Star Wars afghan.
Plant more garlic.
Put away excess boxes of kids clothes

Good thing tomorrow is Saturday!


Linking up with Kelly. Happy Weekend to all!


Outdoors in the rain

We had a rainy day last week. I know, big deal. It rains. We need it. But, honestly I rarely let the kids go outside in it. Not so much because I’m concerned about them getting sick by being out in the weather (I don’t really buy into that particle notion, but moving on…), but more for the mess factor. And the fact that if I let them go out, there’s more chance that have to go out and I don’t really find that all enjoyable.

But, anyways, the link up this post is linked to is hosted by a woman in England. Where it rains. Frequently. And I notice when I look through other linked posts, there are ALWAYS some that show kids going for walks in the rain. So….. I figure if they can go for walks in the rain, we can go for walks in the rain.

This was during our 24-hour “vacation” over the weekend. The walk was made more fun by umbrellas I think, especially the brand new one Kat received for her birthday a few weeks back. I mean, what better way to break it in than a nice rainy walk on the beach?

We also were able to watch the crazy surfers. And attempt not to slip and fall in the mud on the path down to the beach – no one did to my recollection.

There was only a minor catastrophe while walking back the wind was getting a bit more intense and Johny managed to have his umbrella flip inside out and catch his finger in the process (it was mostly a pinch, but he’s my sensitive guy). Switching umbrellas, promises of a warm fire, cozy blankets and board games brought the world back to rights.

Nicki did great, although he was a little confused.

I’d have to say overall a success. Although I am partial to beaches in almost any weather. And if I can procure some more rain appropriate clothing I think we’ll be all set!🙂


Country Kids

Book Review: Spider’s Gift: A Christmas Story


I know! Three months until Christmas and already I’m going to start talking about Christmas books. Because you all know I totally have a soft spot for children’s Christmas books. Actually, it’s pretty much an addiction, but… that’s another blog post😉

Spider’s Gift: A Christmas Story by Geraldine Ann Marshall and illustrated by Rebecca Sorge was an absolutely beautiful story. As much as I love picture books (Christmas ones even more so), I rarely will have pieces of the story keep popping into my head for weeks after I read it. Not so with this story.

It’s set in the stable and tells the Nativity story from the vantage point of three friends; a cricket, a honeybee, and a spider. Each is contemplating a gift they will give to the new baby, but Spider can’t think of anything.

Then she hears one of the wise men say:

God can make miracles when gifts are given with love.

An opportunity presents itself, and Spider is able to use the only gift she can think of, her ordinary web, as a gift to save the newborn Baby Jesus.

A bit fanciful? Maybe. But I think the message it tells is solid. We are able to give our ordinary everyday gifts to Jesus and he can in turn use them to bring about miracles. And that the message I keep find floating around in my head, even weeks after I’ve read this book.


I received this book from the Publisher in exchange for my honest review.

My Sunday Best {7?} // JEI {2}

My Sunday Best – mommy
My Sunday Best – Kat

You know those times you just show up at Mass? Those times where the mornings don’t quite go as planned? And there are moments of pure frustration? This was one of those mornings.

I kneeled down before we began and was definitely questioning the “why’s” of making the effort. When the processional started and I realized the words…

“Here I am to worship // here I am to bow down // here am I to say that you’re my God”

I felt like God had definitely made Himself heard (by me) loud and clear.


Switching gears a little, I’m answering this week’s “Just Enough Info” questions…

What is your mom beverage of choice? 

Well…. If we’re talking alcoholic beverage (?) then I really don’t drink, so…. I’m leaving that one blank.

If we’re talking other beverage…


Hands Down.

If it was possible I would live off coffee. And it’s not the caffeine buzz that does it for me (I really don’t get much of a buzz) nor the popular mommy cliche “I’m so tired, I just need coffee to survive” (I’d rather just have the sleep thankyouverymuch) I just, really, REALLY, love coffee.

What do you do to relax? 

Read or Crochet. Listen to Podcasts. Drink Coffee.

When was the last time you got away with girlfriends or alone (and the grocery store does NOT count)?



I went to Cape Cod with Jared for our anniversary a few weeks ago, but… we took Nicholas, so that’s not really “alone”.

Before that, I seriously have no idea.

One thing I did realize while we were at the Cape was that I was seriously exhausted. Not necessarily in a “need more actual sleep” kind of way, but of being hands on mom every minute of the day. Yes, having Nicholas there meant I was still doing mom stuff all the time, but it was just him. I don’t think I had realized just how much mental time and energy I had been spending doing all the mom stuff that needs doing. And what I took away from that is that I’m pretty sure I need to have some more built in away time.

I think awareness is the first step in correcting that, but beyond that I don’t know how to implement it. Because I think it goes beyond needing just a couple of hours to myself. I feel like I might need more like an entire day and logistically I don’t know how that’s supposed to work right now. I do have some ideas, but baby N. complicates it. Prayers?


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