Confirmation Saints

Just a quick mention of mine and Jared’s Confirmation Saints.


I chose St Monica for my Confirmation Saint. I wanted someone who was a Patron of mothers, and when I found out that she persevered in prayer for many years for her husband and son (amongst others) I was incredibly drawn to that. I thought what a great example to follow and also what a great person to ask for help.

Jared ultimately chose St. Zachary (to be honest, I don’t know which St. Zachary he chose – I’ll have to ask him about that).

A funny story about Jared and his Saints. He first chose St. Michael the Archangel as his Confirmation Saint. On the way to the actual service we got to talking about Confirmation names and I brought up some stories that had been mentioned in the classes about the names, namely one man said he had chose a specific saint because he had the same middle name as him. So… Jared decided he needed to see if there was a St. Zachary, because that’s him middle name, and there is, more than one from what I can tell. We asked if he could change his Saint this close to the service, they said sure. So he did.

During the service the candidates process up and go one at a time before the Bishop. Their sponsor is behind them with their hand on the right shoulder. When both get before the Bishop the sponsor is supposed to state the Confirmation Name of the candidate. Jared and I had the same sponsor (thanks again Yasie!!!). Jared, who had changed his Confirmation Name from the time of the rehearsal to the time of the service, managed to completely throw off the sponsor. Apparently what happened was his name tag fell off, he saw it on the floor as we were going up, he grabbed it, put it on. Yasie, just wanting to make sure she had the right name turned to look at the name tag “one last time” before going up and it said “Paul”. All I hear are nervous laughs (I’ve already made my way a few rows ahead of them), I do my thing and get back to the seat, and find Jared’s name tag right next to me. The guy sitting next to Jared had also lost his name tag. Anyways, confusion all around. We laughed about if for a while. 🙂


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