Family Update Vol. 2013-11


Been awhile since one of these happened. We’ve been trying to pack as much fun into this last week and half of summer. Wait you say? The calender says summer’s not over until end of September? Sorry my friends, not in RI. Once the calendar says Sept 1. it is too cold to go to the beach. Cookouts, still OK, beach nope. Water nope. Pool nope. So we’ve been trying to squeeze those in where we can.

They tried to lay out
They tried to lay out

Jared has come down with a little… ok… biggish cold. Yuck. Hoping it doesn’t completely make the rounds.

Big news for me!! I officially don’t work in an office anymore!!!!! So far, it’s been ok. A little bit of adjusting, but not too bad.

Karl – Has a few more teeth since last time. For whatever reason all of his canines have decided to come in in the last week or so. Not sure if that’s what caused him to spike a fever yesterday. But fever is back down, and he’s being his normal self again today, so I’m not too worried ’bout it.

Not talking “real” words yet. But I’ve heard more pieces of words recently. “Bah-” (ball) “Buh-” (book) things like that. His intonation is great, and sounds like he is making complete sentences, I just don’t know for sure what he’s saying. He likes to sing though :). And he’s taken to getting his hands together real fast everytime we start praying 🙂

Johnny – Definitely seeing a more aggressive side to him lately. Guess that just comes from being a boy. He still loves to cuddle with mama though and read books.

Favorite saying recently: “mom, is that potato sauce?” (it was ketchup, guess he was reading the bottle)

Katherine – Surprised by how much she’s grown. Gonna have to do a clothes purge soon. She sounds so much more grown up now, and talks way more matter of fact-ly. She’s even done a few things on her own at the library and church.

Favorite saying: “Mom, I accidently ate another cookie”

All the cousins... Just not looking
All the cousins… Just not looking

Reading – Thomas Merton’s The Seven Storey Mountain. So far I’m liking the story, but the writing style has me pausing every once in a while to make sure I read it right.

Garden – Not much in the way of updates here. Our grapes are done. We managed a full one bunch. But rumor has it, the grapes at my brothers house are in abundance, so maybe a trip there to relieve him of them is in order.

Wondering what to do, if anything with the sunflower seeds from our sunflowers? We’ve never actually had sunflowers last this long.

Coming up in the Liturgical Year –

Today was the Memorial of St. Rose of Lima. Caught my eye because I currently have a cousin living in Peru, and, well, anyway, just noticed it. One of her symbols is a crown of thorns and roses. Since I had decided a few days ago to make a crown of thorns (or at least see if that was a possibility) from our rosebushes, I put out the crown at dinner tonight in honor of her while we read the collect. (Word is still out on if the crown will work, I guess I’ll just have to wait and see when it dries up).

Crown of Thorns (still “fresh”)

Tomorrow is the Feast of St. Bartholomew

Tuesday (Aug 27th) is the Memorial of St. Monica. I’d like to do something special for that day because she is my Confirmation Saint, but I haven’t worked it all out yet.

Wednesday (Aug 28th) is my mom’s 51st birthday the Memorial of St. Augustine.

Thursday (Aug 29th) the Memorial of the Martyrdom of St. John the Baptist.

(There’s so many things that one could celebrate…)

Goodnight all

~Ruth Anne

2 thoughts on “Family Update Vol. 2013-11

  1. It was nice reading up on your life! kids are beautiful, and so much fun (mine are driving me crazy lately). I am glad my kids are not the only ones who accidently eat more “junk food”. This week we accidently ate a bunch of popsicles for breakfast 🙂 Take care! Keep sharing! -Hannah

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