Blessings from my Kiddos {13}

Roger Williams Park, Japanese Gardens  (bridge + water + kids = worried mama!!)
Roger Williams Park, Japanese Gardens
(bridge + water + kids = worried mama!!)

Feeling the need to keep these things up!! (If you’d like to see previous Blessings, feel free to take a peek at the “OLD” blog using the links on the left of the screen. Link to most previous here.)

I’ll just jump right on in today, since I had a few more things I wanted to get done before said kiddos awaken from their slumber, ok, so they’re not really sleeping, but before too long they’ll be begging to “wake up”.

~ Katherine asked for a prayer book~ She mentioned it when I put her to nap. She said “I want a prayer book like yours”. Warms my heart. It shows me that I’m doing something positive towards their spiritual development. Even if at this point all they want to do is copy me, I think that’s where it starts.

~Hand prints~ Made this today to give to my mom for her birthday. Everytime I make one of these things with the kids handprints or footprints, I end up giving it away.


~”helping” to make a cake~ I know I’ve mentioned stuff like this before. And while they were helping it wasn’t totally helpful, but they did have a good time and it was a quiet way to end a long day.

~Cleaning up quickly~ I know, I know. Most times I want things done faster than they are actually able to do them. But sometimes they surprise me and clean up rather quickly. And actually get  most of the clutter off the floor. A reminder to me to slow down just a little? Maybe? And to remember that they will get things done eventually… in their own way… (see next blessing)

~Organized bookshelf~ Without the books. But hey, at least there is hope that the toys will not ALWAYS be on the floor.



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