DIY liquid laundry soap


About a year and a half ago a friend of mine wrote about using liquid laundry soap. I was intrigued but not quite sold. Then I did a quick google search and found tons of sites (each with a slightly different “recipe”), but all with the same promise: It will save you money!!! And you know, since I do, like, a bazillion loads of laundry a week, that’s what got me hooked!

I tried a couple of variations on recipes, I’d find one I liked, then promptly loose the web address. So I eventually wrote it down on paper and taped it to my fridge.

You will need:

1  bar of soap (unscented). You could use any type of soap for this, we just happen to use Ivory at home, and I didn’t want to make a special trip to buy Fels Naptha (which most recipes call for).

1 cup washing sode (NOT baking soda), there is a difference.

1/2 cup borax

4 gals + 4 cups water (separated)

5 gal bucket (I use a paint bucket that I cleaned out from one of our job sites, but these are available at Lowes or Home Depot)

Bring 4 cups of water to a boil on the stove.

Cut up bar of soap into fairly small pieces. {Note: Most recipes call for grated soap (using a cheese grater), but since my cheese grater pretty much sucks, and it takes so, so, so, so, so long to grate up a bar of soap, I chop mine on a cutting board using a sharp knife}

When water is boiling put the soap pieces in and stir frequently, until soap is dissolved. {Two notes: 1- let the water boil first before putting soap in, it goes MUCH faster. 2- water with soap in it can boil over and make more of a mess than should be allowed, so always watch the water, if necessary turn heat down a little}

In 5 gal bucket, add 4 gals of warm water. Add borax and washing powder and stir until dissolved. Once dissolved add soap mixture and stir around a few more times.

Leave overnight, give a stir before first use and you’ll be good to go.

Use 1 cup/load.

It takes me about half and hour to make up a batch. Most recipes call for covering the mixture while it’s sitting overnight, I don’t have a cover so I just let it stand open. Works fine for me. A batch will last me a little over a month.

I don’t use this on my diapers as it can be a little hard on the plastic/nylon.

Happy Laundry-ing!!

I'd love to hear your thoughts on what I've just posted. I do read and truly appreciate all comments. They make me smile!

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