Family Update Vol. 2013-12


I find myself with a rare extra minute of quiet. All kiddos currently napping, late, yes, but since they went down late, I’m ok with that 🙂

Yeah, so that little cold that Jared had last week made its rounds. Yuckiness! And to top it off, it left Jared with a middle ear infection (the kind normally only seen in little ones). A trip to the ER on Monday because he was in so much pain plus a trip to the pharmacy for Amoxicillin, another trip to the walk-in yesterday because the pain, swelling, pressure, dizziness was still there plus another trip to the pharmacy for some knockout drugs and that concludes his week, he’s been sleeping basically since last night. But he’ll be up tomorrow evening for sure because that’s when Georgia Football begins. {For the life of me I still don’t “get” college football, but, oh well. Happens every year.}

Had a birthday for my mom on Wednesday.

mom's 51

And a bout of chilly weather which left us digging for sweatshirts, which apparently Karl doesn’t like. We are restarting our preschooling. All in all just about a normal week for us!


Karl – Has started saying “uh-oh”! And I’ve heard more word-sounding things come out of his mouth, little things like “Go” and “cat”. My favorite so far: he’ll hear a dog barking and go “ohh-ohh-{his version of a barking sound}-cat”. I’m sure he’ll figure it out soon enough 🙂

Johnny – This little guy can run his mouth almost non-stop if he so chooses. Basically he will narrate whatever it is he is doing at the moment. And he’s so matter-of-fact about everything he’s saying, its hilarious.

I got to put my hood on so I don’t get wet


Warm it up grandma, it’s hot!

Katherine – Made a “J” all by herself (maybe I mentioned this the other day, I don’t remember). But anyways, she did. Has me excited. She’ll also spend loads of time “writing” in her notebook. Or organizing the table next to her bed with her books and papers. The other day she handed me a receipt that she had made notations on and informed me it was from Karl’s doctor and that he was “OK”.


Reading – Still working my way through The Seven Storey Mountain by Thomas Merton. Maybe if I actually sat down and read instead of looking at reading lists and blog post of possible books to read, I’d actually get it finished.

I’m going to re-start reading Little House on the Prairie with the kids. They always enjoy when I read it, and they’re pretty good about sitting quietly and listening, I just have been lazy in doing it.

Coming up in the Liturgical Year – I’m hoping to get at least a little post of these up in the next day or two.

St. Gregory the Great (Sept. 3)

Bl. Teresa of Calcutta (Sept. 5)


I hear noises coming from upstairs… so better go

~Ruth Anne