Real-life Mama-hood


There’s a link up over at Messy Wife, Blessed Life showcasing the real life motherhood, of the variety that doesn’t normally get shown ’round the blog. It intrigued me because so much of the time I know I personally spend in the nitty-gritty of motherhood. And while, yes, there are many special moments mixed in, I like the idea of showing “Real Life” too.

So without further delay, I give you some recent glimpses into my daily life. (Some of these pictures have actually been shared in various other places, but I thought they fit the idea).

Sometimes markers are just too much fun!

Occasionally stickers are required

Much of the time I referee who gets to drive the trains where. Or else relocate younger brother to the other side of the tracks.


I have a lot of garden helpers. Sometimes they get the ripe fruit. Mostly they don’t.


Sometimes Most of the time I can’t use my kitchen counters…


Or my front door…


Or the floor of my pantry area…


I do let my kiddos watch a few minutes of TV so I can have at least a fighting chance at keeping the house picked up…. or at the very least have the dining room table (not pictured) cleared off so we can eat our next meal.


This is one of their outdoor play areas. Note to all families wanting sandboxes AND grass: Plan on a 3 ft radius (minimum) of no grass around the sandbox.

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6 thoughts on “Real-life Mama-hood

    1. Thank you so much for your sweet comment. I’ve tried hard for a while now to *try* not to let the little things the kiddos do be frustrating.. it’s a daily challenge. I love the link up that you have put together!

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by! Have a similar story to the strawberries, we grew blackberries this year, I went out to the yard one day and all the kids were having a picnic of red blackberries! You win some, you loose some 🙂

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