Simple Things Sunday {1}

Hey blog world!

I’ve been a little quiet here for the last few days. (As I’m sure you could imagine if you read my last post.) I’ve spent the last few days getting to a point where I could just “cope”, and finally today I think we’re getting there. It’s not fun. Not easy, but at the very least, we seem to be able to deal with it.

Now, onto the whole reason for this post. Simple Things Sunday linky-party hosted at Simple As That, is probably one of my favorite linky-things to do (not that I do many, but I really enjoy this one). And I know, it says Sunday, but I just couldn’t get on the computer to make a post on Sunday, and since it’s “open” until tomorrow, I’m still good 🙂

Katherine wearing her “mantilla” for Mass

My brother and his girlfriend went to Mass with us on Sunday. Actually it was good because the kids were particularly rowdy. (I have a hard time will all three when I’m by myself… I’ve figured out how to do two, but not all three…). Anyways, they went with. She texted Saturday evening asking if I had anything that Katherine could wear for a veil because that’s something that she recently started doing, and Katherine LOVES to copy her. (If she’s wearing a dress, Katherine wants a dress; if she has a puppy, Katherine wants a puppy…)

I wanted to get her face, but couldn’t because of the configuration of the pew and juggling babies. And by the time Mass was over she was done wearing it. She looked totally adorable wearing it.

{Just so no one takes offense, we asked her if she wanted to wear it. We told her Mimi was going to wear one and if she wanted to wear one we had one she could wear. No one insisted – she gets really excited about these sorts of things. As another side note: I veiled too. Thinking that’s gonna need its own post in the near future 🙂 }