7 Quick Takes, Vol. 1 {life without my husband at home}


Jared has been gone for a week now. And while I would give anything in this list for him to be back here with us, I thought maybe jotting down some of the “pluses” would make the sting just a little less.

— 1 —

I can go vegetarian without complaints. Jared is one of those people that really can’t do without some sort of meat in a meal. Which is fine, we usually just end up with chicken. But I’ve noticed, since he’s been not here, that if I decide to take out meat from a meal, I won’t be met with heavy protests. (At least not about meat, getting toddlers to eat ANYTHING sometimes is a challenge in and of itself, even if it’s just plain white rice or pasta.)

— 2 —

I’ve almost full control of the remote. Enough said. I can watch what I want on TV. My choice. Usually I just rather leave the TV off.

— 3 —

I’ve never had so much help with the dishes in my life. Truly, a HUGE thank you to everyone who has passed through my house and done my dishes for me in the last week. (Jared and Simon shout out to you, if I missed that you did my dishes, I’m sorry, I’m not intentionally overlooking you)

— 4 —

I’m no longer afraid of lawyers and court rooms. Thats a bonus I guess. Although I’d prefer to by-pass all that all together, learning how the system works has been beneficial.

— 5 —

I’ve learned more about who I am. And consequently who I’d like to be. (And who I’d like for “us” to be.) Nothing like getting to reflect for hours on the state of your marriage and relationship without being able to get distracted by doing stuff, you know since the dishes are done and the TV is off and the kids are in bed. Nothing much to do except for think. And in those long hours of thinking and reflecting, eventually you start to get through to yourself. 😉

— 6 —

I get an entire queen-sized bed to myself. Ok, so I’d much rather that this one wasn’t a plus. But apparently I enjoy sleeping in the middle of the bed, and that’s easier to do without sharing the bed. Ok, ok, so maybe I actually just sleep in the middle of the bed regardless, and maybe this should just be a “plus” for him that he doesn’t have to get pushed out of bed when I decide the middle is the best!

— 7 —

I get to look forward to next week. And a delayed anniversary celebration (4 years was yesterday!) which I think will be all the more special because we had to wait for it. Hopefully, I will be able to do another 7QTs then and we’ll be on a different road.

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