Family Update Vol. 2013-13


Just thought I’d share a few OTHER things that have happened in the past week besides all the crazyness that comes from dealing with courts and lawyers and no contact with you husband and having to somehow get your kids to see their daddy without actually seeing him yourself. Stressful.

I would like to say a very big thank you to those of you have opened up and shared your stories and experiences with me. Most, if not all have had me in tears and if I haven’t responded to you directly, please know that I have read and appreciated every message, card, or other form of communication I’ve received!

So, nothing this week has really been normal. We’ve not done any school work to speak of. For the time being I think I’m going to let it slide and try to pick it up again towards the end of the month.

We did make the library on Wednesday. Which was nice in it’s own way. It felt normal. Kids seem to have settled down a bit too. So that’s really helpful.

We made a little trip to the farmers market today, and also made it to one of the state parks for a little outing. (Link to ALL the pics here)

Karl – I realized a few weeks back that this little guy could climb from the ground into the van, into his car seat. It’s actually pretty impressive. He’s also been trying to copy big brother and sister with putting the buckles in place on the car seat. Talk about putting things in holes… key holes are a new favorite for him. I found my thermometer in a couple pieces earlier this week, one end was in a key hole the other on the floor. Thankfully it was only a digital one and not anything more dangerous than that. {Of course, come to think of it, that means, I can’t actually jimmy that key hole if I ever needed to……}


Johnny – Been working on using the “correct” …. ummm… pee-ing place. His current thing is not to run inside to use the toilet, instead just to find some dirt and take care of business… usually in the neighbors yard. What follows is a conversation with my mom and later me:

{Setting: John walking away from back fence, pulling up pants}
Grandma: Johnny, you can’t go pee-pee in Ariela’s garden {Ariela=neighbor}
Johnny: I DIDN’T go pee-pee in her leaves! I went pee-pee on her rocks! {I guess rocks and leaves are not equally part of the garden}

{Setting: John walking out from beside my van, pulling up pants. There’s a short fence between where I park my van and the neighbor’s yard so it’s not as visible}
Me: Johnny, you can’t go pee-pee outside.
Johnny: But, mommy, I didn’t go pee-pee in Ariela’s garden… I went pee-pee in MY garden.

Maybe someday he’ll get it.


Katherine – My little Kat has really seemed to be stepping up her game. She still gets wound up playing with other kids. But she’s become so much more independent. Of the “cleaning up spills, but actually cleaning them up” kind of independent. Which has been super nice this week. She’s still a little bossy, that’s totally a big sister thing. (We’ll just pretend I know that from reading it in a book…) For example they’ll be pretend-playing something in the driveway and she’ll hold John’s hand because “we’re going to cross the street now Johnny and you need to hold my hand”.


Reading – Have mostly stalled in The Seven Storey Mountain. I really, REALLY want to finish it, and I’ve renewed it once from the library.

But then I got the third Call the Midwife book from being on hold for a few weeks and… I just needed something a little easier and lighter to read this past week.

Ohh, and I was approved to be a book reviewer for The Catholic Company. My first book should be here next week sometime. I’m super excited!!! Better finish up my other books fast because I’m just not too good at keeping up with many stories at once.

Coming up in the Liturgical Year – I hope to get “back in the swing of things” once some of the commotion ’round these parts dies down.

The only one I know off the top of my head is the Feast of St. Michael the Archangel  on September 29. Maybe we’ll aim to do something special for then 🙂

A few final thoughts –

Jared wrote a blog post today. You can click the link, or you could find it by the sidebar on the left. I know I shared it already on FB, but if you haven’t read it and you’ve been following my story of what’s going on, I’d really encourage you to read it.

One thing I really felt when I first read it, and somehow manage to feel even stronger each subsequent time I read it, is the freedom that comes from him posting it. Freedom, for him, yes definitely. But also, freedom for me. Because I’ve spent much of the last four years hiding behind this. I’ve spent this time being in bondage to it, being bound by it and having it weigh me down. And immediately when I read it, all that was gone. The events and situations have happened yes. But they’re gone. Or, they’ve been spoken of, and their power is gone. And the sense of release I get from that is tremendous.

It makes me really super excited to “get back together” and begin our lives again. I know there is a lot of work to be done, but with the Jared who wrote that post, I know we can do it.

And now, this has gotten WAY too long for “just a short update” so I’m off to accomplish whatever else I manage to accomplish before I head to bed!

If you’ve made it to the end, thank you so much for reading!

~Ruth Anne