7 Quick Takes, Vol. 2 {hubby’s back, birthdays, and laundry anomalies}

Jared was able to come home yesterday! The judge lifted the No Contact Order even though prosecution was against it. I’m really glad, because I’m not sure how much longer I would have been able to go without him being home. He still has a year of probation and some classes he has to attend. So, things still remain to be worked on. But for now we’re glad he’s home. So far I’m loving the changes that are already apparent in him 😉

— 1 —

No Anniversary and St. Michael. We missed our anniversary, it was last Thursday. And because of court costs, along with missed work, we’ve had to rearrange our budget so we aren’t going to be celebrating in anything big. For now, I’m perfectly happy just having Jared home.

I ended up getting him a small statue of St. Michael the Archangel (his favorite saint). I took it to our priest to have him bless it, told him it was an anniversary gift. He prayed blessing of St. Michael on our house, and then he prayed a special blessing on the restoration of our marriage.


I’d love to show you a nice clean, special place for his statue, but organizing spaces has been pushed WAY far in the back these last few weeks. He stands right opposite our front door. I see him every time I pass by to go upstairs to bed, and I remember the blessings that were prayed on the statue and remember also to pray and ask for his protection.

— 2 —

Birthdays x 5. We’ve got four birthday’s coming up in the next 10 days in our family. Johnny’s is Monday, along with my brother Matt’s. Katherine’s is the next Monday along with my “brother” Alan.

I’ve also heard rumors that my niece is trying to have her actual birth date two weeks early. So we’re anxiously awaiting news of that. Praying for you my dear Sister-in-Law! (It’s her first birth, so prayers that it goes quickly enough, but I also remember my first birth which lasted in the ball park of 36 hours…)

— 3 —

Folded Shirts. I was unpacking… or putting away Jared’s clothes that were dumped on the floor this morning and I found this:


Seriously? People actually fold shirts like that? Wait, my HUSBAND folds shirts? Like that?

I’m lucky if shirts I fold get folded over twice…

— 4 —

Sheets. Speaking of crazy folding of laundry.

Someone passed on a bag of twin bed sheets (which I’m so grateful for because Johnny’s going to be moving up a bed size soon and since he’s only partially night time potty trained, I can always use more sheets…)

All the bottom sheets were folded like this:


I honestly don’t know if I’ve ever seen sheets folded like this in real life. My folding style is more along the lines of “roll it up, stick it on the top shelf where no one can see it.”

— 5 —

Grocery Shopping. Spent yesterday afternoon buying much needed groceries with all the family. (Me, Jared, kids). I always love when he goes shopping with us. Not sure why. Maybe because it’s one of the chores I’m not too fond of so I always like company. Maybe because the kids love to go shopping (or anywhere really) and taking them by myself is lots of times more trouble than its worth, so having him along, makes taking them a lot easier.

— 6 —

Puzzles. So, maybe this sounds like a boring way to spend Thursday evening night, but Jared and I continued on a puzzle that was started before Karl was born (we have one of those roll-up puzzle mats). Just ignoring the fact that it was of an ancient world map containing mostly oceans in various shades of beige, and it was all written in Latin broken up into approximately 58,936,842 pieces, and the light was bad and the contacts were dry and it was 11:00PM; it was a special time because we hardly ever “do” anything together. I’m hoping that we get to “do” more stuff together. Just to be together. It’s really something that has been missing the last few years, and I’m excited that his first day home started off with this little spending time together.

— 7 —

Prayer In Gratitude.

Thank you Father, for having created us and given us to each other in the human family.

Thank you for being with us in all our joys and sorrows, for your comfort in our sadness, for your companionship in our loneliness.

Thank you for yesterday, today, tomorrow, and the whole of our lives.

Thank you for friends, for health, and for grace.

May we live this and every day conscious of all t hat has been given to us.

The Catholic Prayer Book – pg 207

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