Simple Things Sunday {3}


So, the basis of this picture isn’t really “simple” per se (it’s of my husband organizing one of our way out of control bookshelves).

However, books are something he loves, and he loves to have them organized. 🙂

Just having him home and with us has been enough for me to smile.

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3 thoughts on “Simple Things Sunday {3}

  1. I love books too. And I like to keep them organized. When we came to Montana we had to leave all our books – like eight bookshelves full, plus overflow. But we will go back eventually. In the meantime, I’m reading magazines (when I have time). Friday I went to “town” with Cameron (to Kalispell which is about twenty miles north of us). She took me to a used book store. I could have stayed half a day and so could she, but we had other shopping to do. On another trip we will surely revisit this store, a very well-arranged place. When I remarked to the attendant that it didn’t smell like a used book store, he pointed to a “scenter” on the counter, and also mentioned that they wash all their books. How did you wash a book??? I didn’t have time to ask him, but I will when we go back. The store, called The Bookshelf, was very inviting, and since it was on a corner it was well lit with windows both front and side. I love bookstores, but some I like better than others.

    Glad Jared is home with his books. To me it’s not a home without books (including a full set of relatively recent encyclopedias), a piano, and a mantel clock. We even had a grandfather clock in our house. That one we “loaned” to Samuel and Jonathan who had just the right spot for it and who seemed interested in having it strike even in the middle of the night. I loved hearing it strike when I was awake at night.

    Love, Grandma

    1. Thank you for the comment. My mom actually just recently mentioned the encyclopedias and piano as being “home” when she was little 🙂
      That bookstore sounds great! I wish we had more time/$$ to go to used bookstores…. But then we probably don’t really have the space, so that’s probably a good thing.
      I have no idea how one goes about cleaning books… Never heard of it
      Love Ruth Anne

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