John’s birth story

JW birth story

Today, is John’s third birthday. I’ve never written his (or any of the kids’ for that matter) birth story. But I know I LOVE to read them, so I thought I’d share “mine” with you all! 🙂

I first found out I was pregnant with John when Katherine was about 3 and 1/2 months old. At the time it didn’t really bother me (the very beginnings of my pregnancies usually haven’t been too bad). I was actually excited! The worst thing that happened was my milk supply basically shut down and Katherine lost her food source, but after supplementing with formula that was all corrected.

Then the evening “morning” sickness started. And the exhaustion caught up to me. I remember many nights going to bed for the evening around 7:00PM right after getting Katherine to sleep. It was an exhausting pregnancy, and if I had to choose, I’d probably not choose to have two babies that close again… But no matter, that part’s done now and they’re great friends and I wouldn’t change that aspect of it for anything. 🙂

I had pretty much decided to go straight for an epidural with John. After Katherine’s eternal labor, I just couldn’t face going through that again. (Even though in my mind, I knew that second births can go quicker, I just wasn’t wanting to entertain that at the time.) So anyways, I knew I was going for the epidural.

At my (I think) 39th-week midwife appointment, I told them I was bout ready to go out of my mind because of the PUPS rash on my belly (All. Over. My. Belly.). It’s almost mind-boggling-ly itchy and the only way for it to go away is to have the baby. (I’d had the rash to a lesser degree throughout the pregnancy, but nothing really helped). Basically, I was begging for them to do SOMETHING to get things going. But I must not have been dilated or anything because they didn’t do anything. I think I even asked about induction, but got the “not until 42 weeks” speech. I went home feeling pretty miserable.

Then on Wednesday the 22nd, the head midwife from the practice called and asked if I still was interested in inducing because I was so miserable. I said “YES” of course and she told me to come to the hospital that evening at 8:00PM. Was a little confused, but made arrangements for Katherine to stay with my parents, and made arrangements with work, told Jared, etc…

We headed to the hospital that evening and started something (I’m sorry, I don’t remember the procedure now, but it was something to supposedly make the uterus start softening and hopefully start labor on its own… it didn’t work). Jared left to go home and sleep, and was back about 5:30 on the 23rd. We were taken downstairs to Labor and Delivery and “hooked up”.

The details are a bit fuzzy, but I know they started pitocin around 6:00 (they were very prompt with getting started). My favorite midwife, the one who delivered Katherine, came in and said her shift was ending soon. Boo. But contractions were already coming pretty steady, so I didn’t think too much about it. I was just waiting for the epidural. I do remember the contractions being a little “weird”. They’d be strong for a while then start to die down a little, they do a little more Pit, things would get going again then slow a little. The new midwife decided to break my water to see if that kept things going without Pit. I remember I didn’t want her to touch me at all. She calmed me down enough to do it, and it really steadied things out. The contractions kept going on their own, still intense, but no more crazy-ness due to Pit (which I’m pretty sure they stopped at that point).

After contractions kept going on their own, they did the epidural (yay!) and I relaxed quite a bit. This happened about 8:45 AM. For the next two and half hours we watched “House” on the TV. The nurse then decided that she wasn’t getting a good reading on his heart beat from the external monitor and she wanted to try getting a reading internally. She lifted the sheets and saw his head (my epidural was such that I couldn’t actually feel ANY pressure/pushing/anything). I’m pretty sure she yelled “Don’t move” (as if that would have been possible in my state) and also “don’t push” (not that I was doing that anyways…). The midwife VERY quickly got back into the room and I guess a page went out for the baby’s nurse, who only JUST made it in. I’m pretty sure by the time all this happened it was 11:30, and a few pushes later Johnny was born at 11:35 AM! Exactly one week before his sister’s first birthday!

He measured a good 9lbs 5oz, I’ve forgotten his length, but I think it was 21 inches. We spent the next couple of hours waiting for a room to open up, then I was able to carry him upstairs.

We had visitors. Katherine came and saw him, he was eating pretty well.

Then he started choking. I had fed him, burped him and was putting him back down in the pram so I could go shower when I noticed he was gagging. Called the nurses. I could hear them running before I finished what I was saying. She grabbed him and left.

Longest five minutes of my life (to that point).

She brought him back, said he was ok and did I need anything… I was shaken and asked them to watch him while I showered, just to be sure. I had chosen to have them watch him at night too, with instructions to bring him so I could feed him. I got a call at some point that night telling me they had taken him down to the NICU because his lips were turning blue. I groggily made my way down there so I could be with him. It was very surreal. Tubes, and monitors, and lights, and blinking things, and sounds…. and my baby right in the middle of it all. Sleeping soundly. I couldn’t really grasp what was wrong. He looked fine.

I was discharged the next morning. They told me he would have to stay for observation for a few days. Those few days turned into 10. Those were chaotic days. At the end he was diagnosed with “Adjusting to Life”.


He was able to come home on October 4th.

Some facts:

He shares a birthday with my youngest brother!

He shared a due date with my cousin’s child (neither were born that day). (But this cousin and I are two parts of “triplets” of cousins)

I probably won’t ever do an induction again.