Book Review: Sisterhood of Saints

A few months back I picked up a little booklet of daily readings and inspirations from a table at our Parish. I worked my way through it and thoroughly enjoyed it. Since then, I’ve been on a search for other such books. When I signed up to be a reviewer for The Catholic Company and saw they had this book, Sisterhood of Saints by Melanie Rigney, available, I decided to choose it for my first review.


I’m really glad that I did. The layout of the book really fits right into a busy mama’s schedule.  There is one reading for each day of the year, all of them are one page in length. Definitely doable in a five minute sitting. 🙂

Each reading consists of:

  • A short biography of a woman saint or blessed
  • A Scripture or quote from that saint/blessed (The Inspiration)
  • A Challenge. Something to think or pray on for the day.

Many of the women mentioned are women I’ve never heard about. Yes, there are the BIG ones, on their feast or memorial days (Blessed Virgin Mary, Blessed Teresa of Calcutta, etc), but they are many who I didn’t know existed. The bio section gives a nice little snippet about their life and great examples of how they lived out their love for Christ in their everyday surroundings. That in itself is a great example for me and for anyone really. Really, how we can live our lives for Christ doing the everyday ordinary things. (Which has been a personal challenge lately.) It has been wonderful learning about these holy women.

I have really enjoyed the Challenges. They are short and simple, yet very thought provoking. Because they are so short, it’s easy to remember what they were throughout the day. They are also somewhat, well, challenging. Some more so than others, but challenging in a way that can bring so much direction and bring so much fullness to your life.

The Inspiration really “backs up” the life/challenge of the Saint. And it also provides much food for thought. For me, it’s very helpful to have lots of supporting elements, and slightly different wording of challenges. It helps in many ways to give a more complete picture.

Overall, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this book and I will continue to use it on a daily basis. It has turned out to be just what I’ve needed to get a little more “oomph” to my daily prayer time. Don’t get me wrong, I love sharing prayer time with my children and husband, but it’s also special to have something that’s geared especially towards women.

I was provided a copy of this book, free of charge, in exchange for my honest opinion.

This review was written as part of the Catholic book reviewer program from The Catholic Company. Visit The Catholic Company to find more information on Sisterhood of Saints. The Catholic Company is the best resource for all your seasonal needs such as First Communion gifts as well as ideas and gifts for the special papal Year of Faith.