7 Quick Takes, Vol. 3

— 1 —

Updates on last weeks QT’s. First, my sister-in-law did have her baby last Friday!! (QT#2) Yay for being an Auntie again. (Wow, that’s such a northern term, but oh well). Lanie Jane is the first cousin for our kids on Jared’s side of the family. More cousins the merrier 🙂

And I checked, Jared can fold shirts like that (QT#3) because apparently in the Marine Corps its required.

— 2 —

Cellulitis = no fun. So I really don’t know much about what this is, and this would probably be the best time for me to go do research into it, but… that’s not going to happen. Regardless, Jared has it and has had it since last Friday morning. We thought it was just a sprained ankle (??), but when it hadn’t got better by Monday, he decided to go the ER (only reason to go there instead of PCP is the PCP is REALLY hard to get an appointment for THAT day and they would have sent him to the walk-in anyways, so… ER it was). After numerous tests, an X-Ray, IV antibiotics, etc. they released him with instructions not to do… ANYTHING… for the next four days.


(I had planned to write a post about this week, and such earlier today, but… that didn’t happen… because….)

— 3 —

Basement Work. Last Sunday, we got all inspired to get working on our basement. Basic rundown of projects

  1. Finish cleaning out old “BAR” area
  2. Move “CHAPEL” to old “BAR”
  3. Move “SHOP” to old “CHAPEL”
  4. Move “PLAY ROOM” to old “SHOP”
  5. Parge walls
  6. Clean up
  7. Organize
  8. ETC
  9. ETC
  10. ETC

So we’ve been doing them in little bits and pieces. Which translates to me personally (because Jared obviously wasn’t supposed to be doing anything), moving the shop around in little bits and pieces and getting that area cleaned up enough to start moving the toys down there.

Today, Jared felt well enough to help so we made good headway on the New “CHAPEL” and parging the walls (or prepping for parging the walls is more accurate).

We also discovered that Johnny loves to work with hand tools. Any wall. Doesn’t matter. New walls. Nice ones. He’ll “work” on all of them. 😉

— 4 —

New Housemate. So, the big reason for all of this basement work, especially the PLAY ROOM part, is supposedly my brother is going to be moving into our 3rd-floor bedroom (which is the current PLAY ROOM). And, you know, he’ll need actual space for stuff that isn’t plastic kitchen food or mounds of stuffed animals.

— 5 —

Other sibling news!. Oh, in talking about my siblings…. My sister has decided to join the Roman Catholic church! She began the RCIA classes last Sunday at our parish! I’m so excited for her! I picked her up from the class and managed to have a great little discussion with her about Catholicism and Mary and Books of the Bible and Prayers… all in 10 minutes. I guess discussion is probably not the correct word, since it was very brief touches on all those topics.

But I do look forward to many more discussions with her in the future! Yay Abby!

— 6 —


  1. I finished The Seven Storey Mountain by Thomas Merton (FINALLY!!!!!) And then quick ran to the library to return it before it’s due date was passed.
  2. I did my first book review (Sisterhood of Saints) for The Catholic Company. BTW, they still have openings for reviewers so, if you have a blog and like to read, and would like to review Catholic Books head over and check them out. (Link to the reviewer’s page)

— 7 —

Karl. Just because everyone else has been getting most of the attention this week. I don’t think he minds though. He mostly seems to just LOVE a good party 🙂






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