Family Update Vol. 2013-15

vol 2013-15

Pretty uneventful last few weeks around here. Just life. We made it to go apple picking last Sunday. So enjoy some photos of that trip. (Link to  shutterfly album of all pictures)

He was trying, with everything he had to carry that basket

holding basket

he tried to get an apple from the tree into the grabber... he gave up and put one in with his hands
he tried to get an apple from the tree into the grabber… he gave up and put one in with his hands

Karl – This little booger has figured out how to climb out of his crib. It was only a matter of time really. Still haven’t moved him to a “real” bed, honestly I’m not looking forward to that. MOST of the time he stays in, so maybe another week or two before we move him. At the other kids’ annual check-up I decided to weigh him on the scales, since, there was nothing else to do while waiting, and he absolutely LOVES doing anything the others are doing. He checked in at 29 lbs! That seems a lot to me for an almost 21-month-old. But he doesn’t appear to be overweight in any way, so I guess that’s ok.

New words include “mine”. Anything ending in a “-k” sound he loves repeating. For example he’ll say “truck-k-k” (always double “k”). book-k-k, bike-k-k. He’s also taken to shouting his name, especially when someone’s calling Katherine (?)..

Another first I had with him: I found a cheerio pushed up his nose one day.

Double apples
Double apples

Johnny – Messier big boy here, with his new fangled buzz cut (really, it was WAY past time to do something with the hair on his head) weighed in at 33.5 lbs. Not sure what this child will do once it’s too chilly to play in the sandbox or ride bikes.

He’s very interested in having things “match”. Not clothes (although he LOVES receiving clothes for gifts – thanks Tita and Tito!), but things, circles, or a pattern, or the fact that I’ll have a buckle and he’ll have a buckle… things like that.

He is really starting to become attached to his daddy:

He told me: Mommy, I locked the door {he shut it and it latched}
Me: ummmhmmm
John: Mommy, you can’t unlock it.
Me: Oh?
John: But daddy can because he’s a big boy.

Loved picking the apples
Loved picking the apples

Katherine – In honor of her birthday (Sept 30), I did write up her birth story. She weighed in at 36 lbs at the doctors. I guess she passed her hearing and vision test, since no one said anything. She wasn’t keen on putting on the headphones though. She did however talk the Doc’s ears off once she got in there, including informing the Doc that we were “under the sea” (since the room was decorated with sea horses and fish). We’re supposed to keep exposing her to all sorts of new info.

We managed a few lessons in Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons. She seems extremely eager to read when it’s time to eat… to the point where she correctly sounded out a few of the sounds and words, but slightly less eager once we actually sit down and do it. Thoughts for WHEN to work on it? Maybe earlier in the day?

Much more interested in chasing her uncles around

Reading – A hodgepodge of stuff at the moment. A Star Trek book (at request of Jared…) and I picked up the third book of Kristin Lavransdatter. I have two books on order from the library that I’m waiting to come in, they’re on my reading list for the year, which I just realized was getting closer and closer to being done (both the year and the list!).

jared apple picking

We even managed a halfway decent family picture
We even managed a halfway decent family picture



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