Day in the Life {with three littles}


I’ve seen a few of these posts going around lately. Yup, they’re long, but I love reading them.

Hope you enjoy following along my day. This was a pretty typical day: Tuesday, October 22, 2013.

6:03 AM – Hear someone banging microwave trying to get it to start… “maybe we just need a new one”…”who’s banging?”… {Jared’s still in bed next to me}… “Oh, Matt. Right, he moved in.”

6:12 AM – Hear Johnny get up, turn on bedroom light – “oh no, he’ll wake up Karl” – turns on hallway light – “uggg, brightness” – goes downstairs… “really, should get up now”

6:15 AM – “coffee’s already going ?”… “who..?”… “oh, Matt. Right, he moved in”. #yaycoffee. {Clearly my brain does not function early without coffee} Milk for all three littles who are now wide awake and running. Make lunch for Jared.

6:25 AM – coffee on the couch. Fix Jared’s pony tail. Drink sip of coffee. Get book, attempt to read a few pages. Kids running.

6:45 AM – Kat. gets Uncle Matt to make her an English muffin. Jared sits with me on the couch with his coffee… “nice to actually sit for a few minutes in the AM, even if the boys are crawling all over him”

7:00 AM – Jared gets up to pack tools, lunch, etc in truck. Matt leaves. Kids wave bye to him. I finish my coffee and just sit.

7:10 AM – Jared leaves, kids jumping on the couch to wave to him out the window. I pick up my book to try to read a few more pages.

7:30 AM – spent the last twenty minutes refereeing a Richard Scarry book which I could swear we have two exactly the same.

8:08 AM – everyone dressed, beds made, and because I have “mommy ADD” the crib mattress liners are moved to the empty space in the boys room, and Karl shorts are all put away in the closet. – Only two minor meltdowns: one over a color of shirt and the second over the fact that there was a string tied around a bedpost therefore making said bedpost unclimbable. #3yearoldlittleboyproblems

8:13 AM – *someone*… I…. should have wiped off the table from dinner last night.

8:18 AM – Matt came back for something. Everyone up to wave to him leaving again.

8:33 AM – Breakfast done. Kat didn’t eat with us, decided not to fight that one today. Karl will only eat English muffins with jelly, and sometimes only the jelly, and occasionally the jelly straight from the jar if I don’t watch. Halfway through breakfast realized I hadn’t checked my email or FB. Immediately decided I HAD to. Must work on my addiction.

8:34 AM – while writing note, Karl touched xbox for the third time in two minutes… maybe should build a shelf for those things…

9:01 AM – table, wiped. floor, swept. yay for kids playing together in their playroom.

9:33 AM – morning prayers done. Half vacuumed LR. Phone with Jared. A nice interruption. 🙂

9:43 AM – finally done with LR. Note to self: make sure filter is all. the. way. on. Makes for much, much less dust. Set kiddos up with Daniel Tiger.

9:49 AM – should be taking the TV time to be cleaning the kitchen. But need a sit down break. So I started this post instead. Picked new book to review. Off to get the approximately 14 dishes done before D.T. ends.

11:37 AM – scrapped the dishes idea (can always do them at lunch). Gave Karl a snack, went outside with the kids. Played, played, played, and played some more. Had a snack of apples (Kat was hungry). Watched the bees around the apple peelings. Peeled apples for “apple chips” (idea from Farmers’ Market). Had idea of photography project with leaves (random thoughts from a suppressed photographer), went looking for leaves, realized Karl had trotted off down the driveway again.

11:44 AM – making lunch. Everyone wants to “help”.. I love/hate this part of meal times.

11:55 AM – served them lunch. Found banana peel, hope banana ended up in someone’s tummy rather than squished on a couch somewhere…. those apple chips smell amazing.

12:35 PM – lunch done. Karl down. Library books checked for due date. Story time with older kids.

12:46 PM – interruption to turn apples over

1:08 PM – Stories done. Big kids “nap time”. Mama computer time.

2:14 PM – Computer time done. Kat didn’t nap, but did spill dried pasta all over the pantry and is having a melt down about it. Apples done.

2:38 PM – took lil’ miss until now to pick up the pasta. She wants a piece of bread. Going to attempt a reading lesson. I’m getting coffee.

3:29 PM – reading lesson success! Managed to do some writing too. It helps that she loves the mini-white board and dry erase markers. Also found a temporary tattoo that she HAD to have on. Must get the boys up or they won’t sleep tonight.

3:44 PM – One happy-ish woken up boy, who promptly peed on me… Another not-happy woken up boy who had an accident in my bed (because it was his turn to nap on it). All made better by some dry cookies.

3:52 PM – Apple chips delicious. Obviously when they said “slice thin” they meant REALLY thin, not “sorta thin”.

4:05 PM – Outside with kiddos. Neighbor girls came over, all played in the leaves. Started my “enchilada” sort of dinner.

5:14 PM – kids inside. Playing/goofing off/tearing papers off the wall while I finish getting my dinner experiment in the oven. Jared’s working late, no idea when he’ll be back.

5:30 PM – dinner done. Waiting on Jared. Just remembered to renew library book that’s due today that I ran out of energy to walk down and return. Karl turned off the internet….

5:31 PM – internet back on. Book renewed.

5:35 PM – Jared’s Home
5:40 PM – dinner
5:42 PM – John wants “black stuff” …. ?
5:43 PM – figured out John want’s BBQ sauce… weird kid.. gave it to him to save an argument.

6:05 PM – Karl bath. Big kids STILL eating. Jared’s cleaning kitchen (YAY!!!)

6:30 PM – Karl ready for bed. Other kids done with dinner I guess. Time to get them ready for bed.

7:10 PM – stories read, teeth brushed, kids in bed, still arguing over who gets the Huckle book. Mama, bath.

7:34 PM – laid down in bed for “just a few minutes”… mistake. Don’t want to get up now. Chatting with Jared while listening to boys not going to sleep.

8:23 PM – Johnny joined us with his Red Sox book. His discussions of it are hilarious. Must get those all important vocabulary words like “Fenway Park” and “green monster” in early…. there is still some confusion over “green monster” though, he seems to think it has teeth or is big or can open its mouth or daddy can “get it”…

8:49 PM – and now Karl has joined the bed party.


9:02 PM – bring on bed wrestling… and tickling….
9:15 PM – … blowing raspberries….

9:27 PM – boys back in bed, hopefully for good.
9:29 PM – put bed back together

9:37 PM – Jared fixing a salad. Me browsing blogs on the couch because he’ll probably be up for a little while yet and watch some TV.

9:38 PM – Yup, was right. He needs the phone now to use for a remote… I pick up a crochet project to work on while “watching” TV

10:00 PM – recording/viewing conflict (only two at once according to DVR). Close program watching or stop recording one of the programs. Vote for going to bed.

10:17 PM – Coffee set for tomorrow AM, lights off, teeth brushed. Hope this cough doesn’t turn into anything worse….

~Good Night~


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