Yesterday morning I was sitting outside watching the kids play in the driveway. Between the neighbors and us we have approximately three real bikes, three tricycles, a couple push toys, a couple random other car/bike things, a few little tykes cars, and one wagon.

The kids LOVE the wagon. They love to be pulled, they love to pull. They love to push it, all those things.

I’m pretty non-involved a lot of the time when the kids are playing outside. What I mean by that is I don’t usually engage in play with them, I usually sit somewhere and read or do yard clean up or something like that, so I’m there and around if someone needs help or a kiss on a boo-boo, but I don’t usually “play” with them. Sometimes its because they don’t want me to play with them, but mostly I feel they should explore and learn how to figure things out on their own… but that’s not the point of this post.

Anyways, I was sitting there somewhat reading my book and I happened to look up and Karl had pulled the wagon out from by the shed and was having a blast putting a rock in and pulling it around as fast as he could. Then he’d stop and pick up something else to put in and pull it some more. This continued for a while.

I was completely filled with joy in that moment. Joy in watching him do something so simple and having a great time doing it. Joy in the fact that God gave him to us to enjoy.

I realized in that moment that if Karl was our last child (which, I pray he isn’t, but if he is) that I could be content with the ones I have. The complete joy at that moment was enough to take away any uncertainties and “wants” and to be grateful for what I have right now.

I realized also why I love being at home with my kids. The fact that it’s staring me in the face that I will HAVE to go back to work at least a little bit, it’s really caused me to treasure the moments I have with the kids right now. But I didn’t come to that realization until I saw Karl completely involved and completely happy pulling a rock in a wagon.

~ Ruth Anne


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