7 Quick Takes, Vol. 5

— 1 —

 Back to work I go… It’s official now, I’m back at my old job. I hesitate to call it part time because it’s basically hours. But, still, the plan is that I’ll do a couple mornings and then one afternoon a week… Feeling very conflicted about this.

— 2 —

Feeling…. Very, very conflicted about going back to work. One the one had we can really use the additional dinero that me working will provide, but on the other  hand I’m having a hard time with giving up being with the kids all day. Now, don’t get me wrong, I hardly ever will refuse a break of a couple hours here and there if someone else is watching the kids, but the “idea” that I won’t be a stay-at-home mom (something I really believe in, and really feel that I should do)…uggg… just conflicting feelings at the moment.

— 3 —

Heat!!! We finally have heat. Such a luxury. Scrounging $333.00 from thin air to pay for oil — not so much. But, we have heat now 🙂 Bring on the dry skin. And the nose bleeds (poor Katherine, at least she’s much better about them now).

— 4 —

Blog post ideas. Since writing my Day in the Life post on Wednesday, I found myself thinking at numerous times “oh, I should do a post about that”. So things that may be upcoming “Chores with the kids”, “Learning Silence from my kids” (not quite sure how that idea came about on that particular day, but it did… one of these day’s it’ll get written).

— 5 —

Kitchen experiments. This week we tried a few new baking/snack recipes brought on by our overabundance of apples and green tomatoes. We made “apple cinnamon chips” (from inspiration from the Farmers Market, which incidentally if any of my siblings are reading this, do you remember “candy apples” that we made on the woodstove? these are kinda like those. Yum!) Basically its apples cut very thin, sprinkled with cinnamon, and baked on a really low  temperature for an hour, flipped over and baked for another hour or so. Then you’re supposed to leave them in the over so they “crisp”, but only some of mine did because they were cut too fat.


We also made what my kids have taken to calling “tomato cake”. Pretty sure this recipe is the one I used. Or the one I started with, I did make a few minor changes. Honestly, wasn’t so bad as I thought. Glad I found a way to use green tomatoes that would otherwise go to waste.

Oh, and I also tried my hand at green tomato pickles… this is the recipe I settled on, had to find one that called for ingredients I already had on hand. I like pickled cucumbers (aka regular pickles), as much as anyone, but I just haven’t been able to make myself try these. Jared, though, swears they’re amazing!

— 6 —

Other new favorite kitchen hack:Since I managed to run out of baking powder and keep forgetting to buy it every grocery run for the last two weeks… And since I also managed to conveniently have three (3) jars of cream of tarter + baking soda + corn starch I was able to make some, but for the  Ingredient Substitution I wouldn’t have known it was possible.

I also found it helpful when I realized I didn’t have self-rising flour.

— 7 —

Just Because. No post is complete without a few random kid pics. And since I don’t foresee myself doing an official family update post this week enjoy these snaps.

Must. Play. In. Leaves
Must. Play. In. Leaves
Multi-tasking, Karl-style
Multi-tasking, Karl-style

~Ruth Anne

(this week) For more Quick Takes, visit Clan Donaldson!


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