7 Quick Takes, Vol. 6 {doctor’s visits, books, pictures}

— 1 —

 Did you know???… Biopsy’s suck. A lot. Had to do a biopsy of my thyroid nodule, which apparently has become a teensy tiny bit bigger since the last time they did an ultrasound (ummm… two years ago or so?). Anyways. Also having a first year fellow doing part of the biopsy because as an added bonus, my nodule happened to be a lot tougher than normal ones…? Umm… yeah. All previous biopsy’s I’ve had have come back benign, so prayers that this one is the same.

— 2 —

Did you also know???…. Fillings aren’t fun either. And having both a filling and biopsy on back to back days really makes me get a slight understanding for people that hate needles (as a fun fact: I don’t actually hate needles, not saying I enjoy being stuck, but having thyroid issues for over ten years now has made the whole needle thing more of a nuisance than anything else.)

— 3 —

Ok, something other than needles and doctors. Mom’s who always have an open invitation for dinner (especially on days like these) is GREAT! So glad my mom lives literally two blocks away, and always has extra food. A plus is the kiddos love going to Grandma’s house, so in many ways going there for dinner is a break for me in more ways than one!

— 4 —

Books. I have my monthly “books read” post up. And also a new book review. A bummer that The Catholic Company is reorganizing their book review program so I won’t have any more books from them for a while. Oh, well. Gives me time to work on my remaining book list for the year. Currently working my way through A Pillar of Fire by Karl Stern. (And because I have such a hard time keeping with just one book: I also started The Cross by Singrid Undset (book 3 of Kristin Lavransdatter)).

— 5 —

Star Wars. Introducing the little ones to the original Star Wars today. They were ecstatic.


Actually, they were probably just thrilled to be watching “a show” instead of taking a nap.

— 6 —

Knowing what to pray: I wrote this post (What do I pray?) earlier this week after another day that seemed impossibly difficult. Then this post The Prayer of a Flake :: Catholic Sistas showed up in my inbox.

He taught me that prayer is more about what God is doing than about what we are doing.  Even wanting to pray is a response to God’s grace.  God always goes first.   I learned about just offering Jesus my heart and then sitting quietly in His presence.  I like to just picture myself handing the Lord my heart saying, “ I don’t know what to pray, I don’t know what your will is, so many people are hurting, I’m a  mess, I’m worried about everything, so can you do something with all of this?”

This portion of the post was great comfort because it’s similar to what I was thinking/feeling, but wasn’t able to get into words.

— 7 —

Cousins.  They haven’t met, yet. I’d say those Holloway genes run strong

Lanie Jane (October 2013)
Katherine (Nov 2009)

~Ruth Anne

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3 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes, Vol. 6 {doctor’s visits, books, pictures}

  1. Enjoyed this post. Interesting variety, even if biopsies are unpleasant, as are fillings. Sorry.

    Glad your kids’ Grandma is nearby! She is a special grandma. And a special daughter. If I lived two blocks away, I’d be there for dinner every day!

    What got you interested in Kristin Lavransdatter??? I read that while a teen, but it was too mature for me at the time. Don’t know why I even chose it, except for my Swedish roots. By the way, Sigrid (as in the author’s name) is the name of my father’s sister. His other sister was Svea. They were all born in Sweden. Sigrid was special to me because of her prayers for me from the time I was born. She was filled with the Spirit. I was her first niece/nephew. She never married, so her nieces and nephew were the object of her constant daily prayers. Svea was a lot of fun. I saw a lot of her during my childhood and again during college years, as she lived in Chicago, whereas Sig lived in Seatlle.

    The Prayer of a Flake was for real! I could identify.

    Much love,


    1. ooooo, love family tidbits :).
      I heard about Kristin Lavransdatter by a round about way. One of my friends mentioned it on her blog, and then I was reading a different blog where they mentioned it, so I decided to check it out.

      Love, Ruth Anne

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