Simple Things Sunday {9}


This is Jared’s spot on the couch. I’m extremely grateful the reason he’s not there right now is because he’s only in the kitchen making a snack.

We got pulled over tonight while driving back from my niece’s birthday party. Wasn’t a big deal, we have a taillight out (that’s been out for months, just haven’t gotten around to getting it fixed)… But then we were asked for our registration, and then I remembered that it expired October 31 (three days ago)…. oops… then I remembered that Jared (who was driving), is still on probation. And suddenly I was terrified… that he’d be arrested again, right then and there… that I’d have to go home by myself… that this would somehow interfere with the probation stuff and things would get even more mixed up.

I have felt so overwhelmed more than one time this week, for so many different reasons. I was looking forward to posting some cute picture from my niece’s party. But once we got home, the only thing I was glad for was to see Jared sitting in his seat, reading his Kindle reader.

{Now please excuse me, I must go put two little boys back in their beds}

{This is also photo 3/365}

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4 thoughts on “Simple Things Sunday {9}

    1. Got it mailed. They gave us the option to appeal the ticket, at which time if we can show the new registration they will most likely drop the ticket costs and we’ll only have to pay whatever court fee. No, I didn’t get arrested. I was worried that Jared would since, apparently when you’re on probation, they can be much quicker to arrest for things that normally wouldn’t be (and he was driving and unregistered vehicles…). It worked out.

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