Real Life Mama-hood {3}

I’d love to point to the awesome bed-making skills of my 4-year-old… Including the pile of blankets carefully rolled up beside the bed

Well, it’s the beginning of the month again, and time to show a little peak into what real life motherhood looks like over here. (I suppose my day-in-the-life post could work for this link up, but, oh, well, I have this one started already.)

I remembered something my mom told me years ago, before I had kids, or, maybe before I had even moved out of her house. I don’t know if I had been complaining that the house was messy or someone made a comment, but she told me:

Well, it’s like my friend said {her friend being another mom who homeschooled her six kids}, our houses have eight people living in them. All the time. They’re gonna be dirty.

Now, I don’t have eight people living here, but I do currently have six {for those counting, no, you didn’t miss a birth, that’s us five plus my brother}. Six people living here, full time, is messy. Life is messy.

Teaching children how to put away their jackets and shoes is messy (or at least not perfect).

(small 4-yr-old obsession with putting shoes and jacket on hooks by the fireplace)
(small 4-yr-old obsession with putting shoes and jacket on hooks by the fireplace)

and, shoes, and hats, and gloves and scarves… and mama’s purse… all messy


Teaching my children to entertain themselves for a few minutes, so I can switch the laundry… can be messy

the entertainment
the entertainment
the laundry  (top left - to dry; bottom left - to wash; to the right - to fold)
the laundry
(top left – to dry;
bottom left – to wash;
to the right – to fold)

sneaky laundry, piling up on me after exactly one day of not washing…. I guess that’s what happens when you decide that maybe the sheets do need to be washed, especially after… ummmm…. well, let’s see…. ummm…. too long. (Yeah, we’ll leave it at that)

And for those who have been following these posts: I still can’t use my pantry floor. But now because it’s covered with hats, scarves, and gloves as we move into colder weather and the kiddos have to empty the. entire. box. to get to what they want, and that’s messy too:

floor of pantry area

Well, I think that ’bout sums up the messy-ness over here. I am extremely grateful that my kids get to live here, in this house, all day long. I’m grateful that someone (myself, my mom or my husband) can watch them here, in this house all day long. Even if that means we get more messy than most.

I’ll leave you with a few more quotes that I first saw at my mom’s house, but I’m sure they’ve been around (I apologize in advance, I don’t know who first said them):

My house is clean enough to be healthy, but messy enough to be happy

If you’d like to see me, drop by anytime; if you’d like to see my house, make an appointment.

If you have your own Real Life Motherhood post you’d like to share, head over to Messy Wife, Blessed Life or MommyNotes to join the link-up!

~Ruth Anne


5 thoughts on “Real Life Mama-hood {3}

  1. Haha I love all those quotes! I heard a homeschooling mother of many children point to a verse in Proverbs, once–(paraphrased!!) “where the ox works, there is mess.” Where children are growing and learning and living, there is evidence of that! Thanks for linking up again…love your posts every month 🙂

    1. Love that quote about the ox. Must add to my collection :). Thanks for hosting the linkup.. or co-hosting I guess it is. I really do enjoy sharing real motherhood moments.
      ~Ruth Anne

  2. Ah yes! I always think “someday” I will have a clean home (mainly because we’ve been living in small apartments/townhouses that don’t have the space to put everything away neatly) but then again, I want more kids, so it will get increasingly harder. And I’m really ok with that!

    1. I used to think that when we moved to our “big” house (as opposed to our 2-bedroom small apartment when we had two little kids) that things would be better for the same reasons; because we’d have more space to store stuff, and organize….. but…. then we had another kid and all our storage space is still filled with *more* stuff. Having more space just means we filled it up with more stuff. Never ending cycle, but I’ve gotten to where I’m totally ok with mess 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!
      ~Ruth Anne

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