Five Favorite {1}: Library Finds this week

Thought I’d share a few library finds of the last week or so. We tend to grab tons of books every time we go, and I really wanted to remember a couple. These definitely fall into the pre-school category. In no particular order of favorites:


a feast for 10

A Feast for 10 – Cathryn Falwell

This is a counting book. I have a weakness for counting books, maybe it’s just my unfinished math degree talking, but I do love counting books. This one I enjoyed because there is a little more “story” to it. It follows a family as they go on a shopping trip for their feast, and it goes through the numbers 1-10. It also keeps following them as they return home, and prepare food for their feast, also going through the numbers 1-10. It ends with all the family gathered around the table enjoying a meal together. I really enjoyed the family aspect: the entire family shops, the entire family cooks, the entire family eats.


A gift of gracias

A Gift of Gracias – Julia Alvarez

A poor farming family, on the brink of having to close their farm and move to the city when they receive a vision to plant an orange grove in a specific location on the farm. They do, giving thanks to the Lady of Altagracia as they’re doing so. She blesses their planting, the harvest is abundant and almost more than the family can keep up with. I enjoyed this story because it was one of Our Lady, but also because it’s about trust, hard work and in giving thanks.


construction countdown

Construction Countdown – K.C. Olson

While I didn’t mind reading this to my 3-year-old son over and over again, there wasn’t any story line. The reason it makes my list this week is because it’s a “countdown” book, and I used it as a jumping off point to start backwards counting with the kids.


the curious garden

The Curious Garden – Peter Brown

This book is set in an urban jungle where no one likes to go outdoors, except for a boy named Liam. On his “adventures” he discovers a dying garden on top of the abandoned railroad tracks and starts to care for it. The garden responds to his care and begins to “explore” more of the railroad tracks with Liam. After three months of winter, Liam helps his garden to awaken, and the garden decides to explore the rest of the city. It expands further and further, eventually changing people’s minds about being outdoors. Cute little book with great illustrations.


winniethepooh abc

Winnie-the-Pooh’s ABC – A.A. Milne

Did I also mention I have a weakness for ABC books? No? Well, I do. There isn’t some half-completed English degree to blame this one on though. Anyways, I enjoyed this one mostly for the illustrations. They’re done by the original illustrator for W-the-P. They’re very simple illustrations. I also liked the fact that most of the words were done with the lowercase letter (a few exceptions were with proper nouns).

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4 thoughts on “Five Favorite {1}: Library Finds this week

    1. Confession: It wasn’t a completely random library find. It was in a book list from “26 Letters to Heaven” by Sarah Park, a Catholic PreSchool program. I really LOVED the book.
      Thanks for stopping by!
      ~Ruth Anne

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