7/365 & TT: Thumb

Trying something new for today. Going to link up with Clan Donaldson’s Theme Thursday. It’ll definitely provide some variety/challenge to the “random” 365 theme I have currently going.

This week’s theme is Thumb. Wasn’t sure how to approach this, but since I seem to be a first-thing-that-comes-to-mind kinda gal, this is what I came up with:


This is my thumb (left) and Kat.’s 4-yr-old thumb (right). I love little kids hands! And at fours years, she still manages to have some of the baby chubby-ness. 🙂

6 thoughts on “7/365 & TT: Thumb

  1. So sweet! I love giving my kids’ hands kisses. And, love the Project 365 idea! I may be joining myself! Hubby got me a new camera back in June and I recently started trying out Manual Mode.

    1. Thanks for stopping by. This is my second 365 Project, but the first one didn’t make it :(. This project is connected to a link up (if you click the button on the left side bar that will take you there). Some of my favorite photography websites, that have good info and how-to’s are “I Heart Faces” and “Digital Photography School
      Good luck with manual mode (it’s not too bad once you get the basics)
      ~Ruth Anne

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