7 Quick Takes, Vol. 7 {glitter AND pine cones}

— 1 —

 Friday Morning Crafts – Glitter: This morning the kids were begging to do a craft. “Glitter” said Katherine. That’s what happens when you leave the door to the craft supply cabinet open. They get ideas ’bout things you didn’t necessarily want them to get ideas ’bout… Oh, well. I had some pinecones that I wanted to put glitter on and use for Christmas Tree ornaments, so I thought “why not? I can let them play with glitter, keep them occupied, AND get the ornaments decorated ALL AT THE SAME TIME!!”

Hand and Glitter
Hand and Glitter

— 2 —

A Note About the Pine Cones: These particular pine cones were collected by the kids and Jared while he was staying out of the house back in September. I decided I wanted to save these pine cones because I wanted to remember that time. Not necessarily that I would forget it, but to remember how things used to be, and to remember that now they are better. To remember that even though we still have the occasional bad day, it’s not like it was then. To remember that, even though that time was pretty hard, there were also a lot of blessings and good things that came out of it.

— 3 —

Back to the glitter: I had a very teensy-tiny little thought in the very furthest reaches of my brain that “glitter gets everywhere”. But, um, I had mostly just thought that “yes, the table and floor and the kids” that sort of “everywhere”. In reality the “everywhere” is more enormous and all encompassing; like when you first realized that motherhood is “all the time” {not just the all day-everyday “all the time”, but the “all day-every-day-all-night-every-night-repeat-with-no-weekends-or-holidays” kind of “all the time”…}.


  — 4 —

Simple enough for even the youngest of little ones.


…for a little while at least

— 5 —

We did eventually tire of putting glitter on pine cones.



— 6 —

Clean Up. Los kiddos were more than happy to “help” clean up.



It was during this process, that the glitter moved to almost every other surface of the entire house.

— 7 —

Finished Product:


Well, some of the finished products. They had tons of fun doing it. And surprisingly I didn’t mind the hoopla of it all. Sometimes if craft-time “explodes” to all reaches of the house, I loose my patience right along with it. It was kinda nice to not get all worked up about messiness, maybe I should try it more often. 😉

~Ruth Anne

P.S. Update on last week’s QT (#1), my biopsy results came back as non-cancerous, so a good day all around I’d say.

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