Thanksgiving chain


My little ones are having a very hard time with figuring out *when* the upcoming holidays are. Of course, it doesn’t help that it flurried yesterday morning, so they automatically assumed it MUST be Christmas…. They are still only 4 and 3 (and 22 months, but Karl doesn’t much care about events as of yet).

So, I decided I had to *something* to help them visualize the passing of time. Then I remembered the Advent Chain we did last year (based on my friend Sarah’s), they enjoyed that.


* Fall colored construction paper
* Scissors/paper cutter
* Staples (or tape or glue)

I cut the paper into approximately 1-in strips. We have 16 days left (including today and counting Thanksgiving) until Thanksgiving, so that’s how many I cut.

I stapled them together in alternating colors. And hung as far up as I could to keep it out of the reach of Karl {update: it didn’t work, not really… he dragged a chair over to climb up and reach it…}.



Miss Katherine desperately wanted to “help” staple


We’re planning to pull on chain off every night at dinner, write one thing everyone’s thankful for from the day and put it in a jar to save and read on Thanksgiving. {Another update: so far we’ve done one evening, and besides a small squabble over *who* was going to pull the chain, it’s worked just fine.}

I suppose you could start a chain at the beginning of November. But I didn’t think about it until today, and 16 days may be a long enough, yet manageable time for the ages I have.

~Ruth Anne


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