Theme Thursday {cold}

Yup, so of course this would happen. I realize the theme for this week is “cold”, and today, being the day I actually *thought* to take pictures, was… um…. not cold. Well, I guess it’s a matter of perspective. Last week was relatively cold (low to mid 30s), and yesterday was the first I’ve seen ice on the sidewalks (at 10:00AM on the sunny side of the street), and I think it was Tuesday that we has approximately 27 flurries (during which time my children loudly proclaimed it Christmas)… today with temps almost to the 50’s – it wasn’t really cold. I still had my jacket and scarf, but that’s just me.

So, consider this our backyard after it’s been cold.


Little garden statue surrounded by fallen leaves…


Green pepper, now wilted because it didn’t survive the previous cold weather…


Abandoned beach buckets….


I’d say abandoned dump trucks in the sand box, but I’ve got a 3-year-old who will go out and play no matter what the thermometer says, currently it’s surrounded by fallen leaves…


When did this little guy get so grown up…???!??


…. And just to prove that it has indeed been cold here in the past few days, my daughter proudly showed me her shovel full of ice that she was making into coffee? Or something, I forget now what the concoction-du-jour was.

So, there you have it. Not quite cold today, but we did enjoy being able to spend a little time outdoors before it got too, too cold.

Linking up with Why, yes, I AM crazy. Thank you for asking! for this weeks Themed Thursday.

And, since these happened to be the only pics I took today, they’ll have to go towards my 365 Project. So #14/365, only 351 more days to go…
Totally going to play my mommy-of-three card tonight and head to bed. Yes, it’s before 9:00PM!

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