Wanna see my bookshelves?

{Warning: Extreme disorganization is coming your way}

There is an awesome linkup going on for the next few days over at Modern Mrs Darcey, showcasing all your bookshelves. Believe me, I’ve been trying for the last two days to get this post put together… Such is life 🙂

~ Shelf 1 ~


This is by far our biggest bookshelf. The only place it fits in our house is the dining room {Side note: I LOVE my house, but there is big time limited wall space}

Overview is on the left.

Top-right: This shelf is mainly for the classics… and the occasional jar that needs to be kept out of little hands…Some favs:

  • The Lord of The Rings Trilogy (one volume set) – J.R.R. Tolkien. {Definitely approaching a re-read in the next year or two}
  • {One of the green books to the right} The Complete Works of Jane Austen (one volume set) {also, getting at least picked up in the next year}

Middle-right: This shelf is for our Bibles and Prayer Books. It actually is very convenient to have them located here, it makes for easy access at dinner time. Also home to a candle and our Thanksgiving Bucket.

Bottom-right: This shelf is home to books by “religious” authors. Some favs:

  • Chronicles of Narnia – C.S. Lewis
  • The Great Divorce – C.S. Lewis
  • Jesus of Nazareth – Joseph Ratzinger

~ Shelves 2, 3, 4, and 5 ~


Lumping these ones together, because… well, I don’t have a great reason… I didn’t want to bog down the post with TOO many pictures?

Top left: My cookbook shelf in the back hall pantry. I have WAY more cookbooks than I actually use. But, just can’t seem to get rid of them. Some favs:

  • Better Homes and Garden: The New Cookbook. A Christmas give from my mother-in-law. Use it all the time. Funny enough, it occurred to me that I could actually LOOK in the cookbook to find out how to make some of the more “basic” things (pie crust, cobbler, etc…) instead of google searching it and coming up with thousands of recipes…
  • The other one I use all the time is a compilation of recipes that my mom put together for me soon after I got married. They’re in the blue photo album all the way to the right.

Top Right: This is the bookshelf in our bedroom. It started out as “my” bookshelf, then all the Sci-Fi/Star Trek books were moved here. Favs:

  • Game of Thrones Series {technically I think it’s called Song of Ice and Fire Series, but everyone I know refers to it as “Game of Thrones”} – George R. R. Martin

Bottom Left: Here is the bottom corner of the shelving unit that’s in the boy’s room. (Built by my brother). It used to store things like clothes and toys, but then we needed more book space, and the clothes moved to a dresser, so now it is one of our Children’s Books spaces. I like to keep all of the little, little board books (or the irregular shape ones) in the bottom right corner of the shelf because they’re too hard to keep lined up. Too many favs to list 😉

Bottom Right: The other upstairs Children’s Bookshelf. This one in Katherine’s room. It sometimes has the books lined up straight. But…. not always. It also sometimes is cleaned off to make room for “store” or “library” or “school” or something else that strikes her fancy. Again: too many favs!

~ Shelves 6 & 7 ~


These to matching shelves are in the corner of our living room. They mostly house “new arrivals” or “planning on reading soon” books. Confession: I honestly can’t remember what’s on them. Most of those shelves have two layers of books on them. This is probably one of the more disorganized shelves 😦

It does house a few other random things like the photo albums, and foreign language learning books. And a few of our boxed sets: Anne of Green Gables and Little House. (Those are both favs 🙂 )

~ Shelf 8 ~


If you come visit me, you may not see this shelf, even though it’s in our entry way. The front door opens to “cover” it, so… not really visible.

Bottom two shelves are Children’s Books. Middle Shelf if for Children’s Library books (Really, someday, I’m going to have a better system for organizing library books…)

Next Shelf up houses a few random college text books. And I think the Complete Works of Josephus.

Top Shelf holds the National Geographic Collection, and laying down are the miscellaneous magazines that come in for me: Better Homes and Gardens, Southern Living, etc…

I don’t have any REAL favorites on this shelf.


So, there you have it. I have spared you the attic piles of books, which, yeah… they’ll just stay there for now.

You might *could* say, we have too many books, but statements like those don’t sit well with me, so I’d rather say: We don’t have enough bookshelves!

Hope you have enjoyed your tour!! I’ve really enjoyed checking out other bookshelves that have been linked!

~Ruth Anne

P.S. Totally using these photos towards my 365 project. This post is day 15/365!

Update 11/17/13 – Since I wrote this post a full two days ago, we did a bit of rearranging of shelves #6 and #7 (and the living room in general). To see that process click over to this post

6 thoughts on “Wanna see my bookshelves?

  1. My MIL also gave me her old BHG cookbook at some point shortly after my husband and I were married. I still reference for crusts and my husband uses it almost every weekend for pancakes.
    And we don’t have enough bookshelves either! (That’s the positive spin I was looking in regards to our own growing collection.)

  2. We have that same Narnia collection! And I love those big collections like the one you have of Austen, although what I really mean is I love *seeing* them on the shelves. I’ve never had any luck with actually reading the things though! They’re just too big and bulky to curl up with on the couch.

    Thanks for sharing your shelves with us!

    1. This is my favorite Narnia collection. I’ve only had success reading one book (Pride and Prejudice) from the big collections. Definitely heavy and not easy to curl with, and forget trying to read laying down in bed… I do like them because they save shelf space, which as you can see from the post, is at a premium around here :). Thanks for hosting the link up. I really enjoyed it!
      ~Ruth Anne

  3. Loved your photos, as your shelves resemble mine — never enough space for all the books, and culling them is such hard work as most are old friends.

    You might enjoy “Howard’s end is on the landing: a year of reading from home” by Susan Hill. Also “Ex Libris: confessions of a common reader” by Anne Fadiman contains essays on her books, expanding when she married, and then the challenge was to merge the two collections

    1. Thanks for the book recommendations, will definitely look into them! I have in the last two days managed to pick a grand total of 5 books to pass on to new owners 🙂

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