Simple Things Sunday {11} & And not so simple living room rearranging…


This is John. John gets excited. Very excited. About many almost any thing. Love my son! He woke me up this morning making jokes about something. He always manages to make me smile. 🙂

This morning, before I woke up and got out of bed, I heard a drill going…? “Odd for Sunday morning” I thought. Head downstairs to find that hubby has decided to rearrange the living room. I really shouldn’t be too surprised, he did mention something about it yesterday AND the day before. I just didn’t think it would actually happen.

This happens to be a shot taken during LR rearranging. It was the simplest moment of all that hoopla. Below are some others:

(If you’re clicking over from my bookshelf post from a few days ago: this is what those two bookshelves (#6 and #7) look like while being emptied.)

Top left: Carefully stacked by Katherine (a little physics never hurt anyone)
Top right: Piled on the couch
Bottom left: moving first shelf
Bottom right: piles on the coffee table
Top: From above
Left: Pile on the table (from one side)
Right: Pile on the table (from the other side)
Bookshelves #6 and #7 – new locations. Still a work in progress
Current living room arrangement

I am very pleased with the overall new arrangement of the living room. It gives it a much nicer “flow”. And while it seems to have taken away some of the space, I think it’s better arranged than it was before which makes the loss of space totally ok.

(Thank you Jared for attempting such a project – I never would have…)
(I also promise, this is the last time you’ll have to read about my bookshelves… for a while anyway)

The top photo is #17/365.

Also linking up with Simple Things Sunday.

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