Thoughts for Sunday {Christ has come}


This is going to be super short because I really need to stop procrastinating and get dinner going.

During the homily today, Father spoke on the Gospel reading (Luke 21: 5-19) which deals in part with the end of time and Christ’s second coming. I’m not going to get into all the details of what was said. But a couple of things struck me (and maybe taken out of context they don’t make the most sense, but I’ll do my best to help).

Father said “Christ has {already} come in everyone who crosses your path. Everyone who haunts your eyes. Pounds your ears“. Side note: this was beautiful in itself because when he said it, he also explained that the Church year follows the entire life of Christ. Yes, on some level I knew that, but hearing it spelled out made it very clear! (New Catholic here!!)

When he said this, immediately my thoughts went to my kids. How they “pound my ears” on an almost constant basis. And maybe he wasn’t referring to children when he said this, but it did strike me that Christ is fully present for  me in my Children. That is Christ’s way of showing himself to me. Christ IS my children.

I pray to remember that Christ IS my children and my children ARE Christ’s way of His being present to me in my day to day.

Father also said “It’s easy to find Christ in here {church}, much harder to find Christ out there {the world}”.

Again: I pray to remember to find Christ in my children and husband in my day-to-day.


I'd love to hear your thoughts on what I've just posted. I do read and truly appreciate all comments. They make me smile!

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