Small Success Thursday {3}

Small-Success-Thursday-250pxIt’s been an up and down week over here (well, maybe, more technically, an up and down day). I’m working out the how/if I’m going to post on that …

For now, though, small successes that have been there this week:

1. Thankful for my husband this evening. He took the evening with the kids. I really needed some “quiet” time and the kiddos were especially rambunctious this afternoon after a good dose of cake and candy and neighbor kids and a birthday party. So, he let me leave right after dinner to go shopping. It was only food shopping and browsing the book shelves at Savers (thrift store), but still, what I needed. As a bonus I came home and the dishes were done!!

Also, thankful that God allows me to hear Him speaking through my husband. So often I get worked up by things Jared says or does that I don’t like, but, when I really need it, he will say Exactly what I need to hear, and the miracle is I will actually HEAR it. And I know that’s God, and I’m thankful for it, especially since there’ve been a few of those moments in the past week.

2. Thankful for my children. Last night I had the opportunity to lay down with both my boys (at different times), to help them get settled into bed. Normally that’s not something I do, but they were (at different times), just not settling down to sleep, so I finally decided to just lay with them. Their heads so close to mine… eyelashes almost touching my cheek… glancing over at me and grinning because I’m laying in bed with them. It was something I would have loved to be able to capture on camera (how their faces looked in just those moments), but it was also something that if I had gotten up to go get a camera, the moment would have passed, and I didn’t want to loose it.

I’m thankful for the blessing of my children.

3. Homemade things. Sometimes being able to create what you need, instead of having to buy it, feels like a great accomplishment, even if it’s something small that no one will really notice. I love that God gave humans, I don’t want to say “ability” and “talent” (although those definitely do apply to some people… I just don’t have that much ability/talent with a sewing machine), but “creativity” and “imagination” might work, anyways, I’m glad He gave us those tools to figure stuff out. It makes life interesting.

~Ruth Anne

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