Family Update Vol. 2013-16

Hello dear friends.

Life has been… well… Life ’round these parts lately. Being as I’m back working again, it’s been back to the “get things done when they get done” stage. Which means that my floors have been going for days, if not weeks without a good mopping. But, like I said, life. And really? Who needs spotless floors? Overrated in my opinion.

“Preschool” has basically not been happening. Every once in a while I’ll get an activity prepared, but not very often. We’ve just been focusing on the letters and sounds and numbers, pretty informally, mostly at breakfast time…. And reading books. Lots of books. Part of me feels slightly guilty for not being more “on the ball”, but then I look around at other kids close to their age and see that whatever we’re “not doing” is working just fine because they know all their letters, most of the sounds, we do puzzles, they can count in order and have gotten much better at figuring out bigger numbers. They’re totally curious about anything and everything. They know how to sit still. And clean up. And do chores. Real life I guess is sometimes a better teacher than “following a book” schooling. All that aside I would still like to continue the book that we have and to get more regular with doing the “100 Easy Lessons” with Katherine.

In other news, we’re all getting ready for Advent over here. Well, actually, let’s not jump too far ahead. We are looking forward to Thanksgiving coming up next week. I think all my groceries for my contributions are bought! The kids keep begging for a craft for Thanksgiving, so maybe this weekend we’ll come up with something to do. Pinterest! Here I come!!

Jared FINALLY has a date set to meet with his probation officer…. only took two months. I’ll spare you the saga, but it involved the courts somehow loosing his file. Hopefully things will be able to move forward now.

Link to the photos from our day trip last Saturday to Little Compton. Hunting party and water and rocks included.

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Karl – Moved to his “big-boy” bed aka: crib mattress straight on the floor because Johnny didn’t want to give up his bed (the toddler bed). He doesn’t stay in it most nights (probably just not tired). Does ok for naps though. Also thinking maybe I need to start him potty training as he keeps insisting on getting on the potty… and on taking his diapers off… He loves the library group we attend. Has a minute attention span for books (more so if there’s colorful pictures). Excels at climbing and has recently been trying his luck at “jumping” from the coffee table to the couch. Oh, and he desperately needs a hair cut!

Hard to get a clear picture of him… he’s ALWAYS moving

Has much more phrases since last update, including:

“I Sahwy” {I’m Sorry}
“I drop it”
“I did it” (usually right after he’s thrown something)
“Kahwol, ni-nite; Gahnnie {Johnny}, ni-nite”
“Want it”
“Gimme, gimme, gimme” {Seriously, the first one of my kids to use that phrase}

He also sings: “A, B, C” “Twinkle twinkle little star” “Who’s here today” {a song from the library – complete with the tapping of the legs}, and the song on his little toy helicopter… None of it in tune or with words, but pretty hilarious to listen to.

John – Has gotten a little better at recognizing the sounds of letters. Can sit for hours with books. He loves to build things. Will also sit for hours watching Jared play his Star Wars game on the computer, and then he’ll discuss it. The other night he came into the bedroom with a few blocks put together and was discussing in earnest what kind of space ship it was with Jared.

What happens when Johnny doesn't go to sleep
What happens when Johnny doesn’t go to sleep

He also will talk about religious things, such as “what does Jesus eat?” {Answers self} “I think he eats syrup”… And also discussing things such as is “church in heaven?”

Katherine – She’s been practicing her writing (mostly of her own accord). She also walked up to the number chart we have up and started counting. She loves coloring/drawing, mostly with markers. And especially if she can write ON Karl! She’s really gotten in to the Thanksgiving chain thing we’ve been doing. During morning prayers this AM she kneeled down at the coffee table (perfect height for her as a kneeler), and had Johnny down there with her. She’s also taken to asking tons of questions about church and Jesus, and trying to figure out who is His Father and who is His Mother and also, “where Jesus lives?” And “he lives inside us!?”

She managed to drop a 28oz can of tomatoes on her toe this afternoon… needless to say she’s not having a great night. I don’t think the toe is broken, just a little  bruised.

This morning she told me “I hid my candy upstairs in my room, on my shelf, so you wouldn’t find it and take it away”

{Left to Right} “Me, Grandma”

Reading: Pillar of Fire by Karl Stern. A conversion story of a German Jew from the WWII era. Fascinating story. Just wish I could find more time to read.

365 Project:

Day 20:

When there's nothing else to cuddle... cuddle your milk cup... and suck your thumb
When there’s nothing else to cuddle… cuddle your milk cup… and suck your thumb

Day 21:

Puzzle time
Puzzle time

Day 22:

The office canoe ~ where I work

(I think that catches me up on the project. So sorry for lack of posting. Hopefully back to a more regular schedule)

Now, it really IS late. Buenas Noches a todos!

I'd love to hear your thoughts on what I've just posted. I do read and truly appreciate all comments. They make me smile!

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