Thoughts for Sunday {Under new Management: Advent Unplugged}


This post popped into my inbox this afternoon from Haley at Carrots For Michaelmas. I read it and thought “well, that sounds like a good idea… I mean I’ve given up social media (at least on my phone) for Lent, so why not Advent too? It is after all a mini-Lent and you can’t very well prepare your heart to receive Jesus if you’re filling your mind with other mindless activity”

For me being unplugged is something that’s been in and out of the front of my mind for the last year or so. I get (rightly) accused of being on my phone ALL. THE. TIME. So I’ve been really working at NOT being on my phone all the time. {Although, in my defense, sometimes I am just looking at pictures and such.} I’ve only just noticed in the last few weeks that I’ve *gasp* only checked my email twice a day… or sometimes it will be almost noon before I realize I haven’t checked email. Facebook, has thankfully been dwindling for me. I do like to share posts and the occasional picture of the kids, but other than that I’ve not been posting there. This has mostly to do with a comment from one of my husband’s cousins. When we were in Georgia early this year, I met her, she said she had a friend who stopped posting status updates because when he’d see people “in real life” there wouldn’t be anything to talk about because it had all been shared on FB already. That really stuck with me, although I wasn’t really planning on going that route. It got me thinking a lot more about just posting stuff, especially the mundane “It’s so windy and cold today!!!” kinda stuff {which BTW today has been the coldest we’ve had so far this cold weather season, and I am so thankful that we have heat}. However, I do still find myself mindlessly scrolling through things, especially at either end of the day.

It’s funny this should come up today {actually, it’s probably not funny, probably it’s God}. Today is the Feast of Christ the King. During the homily this morning Father spoke on being “Under new management”. When we recognize that Christ is King, we recognize that He is our Manager. Therefore, we’re under the NEW management of Christ and not under the management of self, and Advent is the perfect time for reorganizing ourselves to that NEW management.

Father challenged us to find something that needed working on in our lives, no giving up chocolate is not what he meant, but to truly give up or work on something that needed to be readjusted so that we could fully prepare our hearts for the coming of Jesus. I knew immediately what I needed to work on. I knew by the way I reacted the moment I thought it. I instantly brought out my “nope, can’t do that” answer, which confirmed that, yes, in fact that’s what I needed to do. I spend a huge amount of energy *trying* to control… well… just about everything. Specifically my poor husband. I have a tendency to react without stopping and thinking if I’m even correct in my reaction. {Wow! that was really hard to write}

My “to work on for Advent”:

Only respond in Love to my husband.

To do that, I know I will need to spend much more time in prayer than I currently am spending because I know that I can’t change without the help of my Father. To spend that more time in prayer, something else has to give.

The rest of the Advent Semi-Unplugged Plan:

*Give up social media on the phone. Probably will have to remove the apps because otherwise it’s just too easy to check.
*Check email on phone once in the morning, only.
*Computer time only in the evenings, after the kids are in bed.
*”Nap time” prayer time.

*Maybe* Do some spiritual reading. But, I have a few problems with that. I don’t have a meditations for Advent book, although I’ve heard of a few, funding to purchase at this time is really just not there… Plus, I think my main thing is going to need to be prayer. Just in the writing of this post, I thought to myself “I need to have something to read and reflect one”, two things popped into my head “You could read the Bible” {um, yeah, hello Spiritual Book numero uno right there} “You don’t NEED to have “something to read” (as in a specially written Advent meditation book) to pray on what you need to work on”.

And there you have it. Not too big of a plan, and not too much that hasn’t already been done to some extent before. {To my husband: if you’re reading this, like I know you probably will at some point, I’m gonna try, I really am, please don’t judge me too hard}

Haley is hosting a link-up over on her blog running for the next week or so, if you’d like to join you Unplugged Post too!


2 thoughts on “Thoughts for Sunday {Under new Management: Advent Unplugged}

    1. Thanks for the linkup. In preparation for the upcoming “unplugged-ness” I’ve been super aware of how often I reach for my phone today…. Way too much! So glad I decided to join!!

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