God’s Love is … Marriage


During our RCIA class in the earlier part of the year, we covered the topic of Bl. John Paul II’s teaching of the Theology of the Body. The teaching are extremely in depth, and I don’t even pretend to have full understanding of all of them, but there was one thing very briefly mentioned in the class that has stayed with me (it’s the only thing I actually copied down).

God’s Love is:

  • Free
  • Total
  • Faithful
  • Life-Giving

Marriage is:

  • Free
  • Total
  • Faithful
  • Life-Giving

Therefore, Marriage IS God’s Love and God’s Love IS Marriage.

When pondering this, I have to remember that Marriage isn’t some of these things. Marriage is all of these things. And if you remove one, you’re removing yourself from the fullness of God’s love. A quick example “Life-Giving”, if you add artificial birth control into your Marriage you are removing the “Life-Giving” portion of the fullness that your Marriage could be.

When I first heard this qualities of God’s Love and Marriage, I was shocked, because I had never considered Marriage to be this. I’d always held a vague idea that Marriage was like (as in: similar to or “the best example of”) God’s Love, but after this class I realized that Marriage IS God’s Love. It’s something I very much wish I had at the very least “thought of” before I was married. Not to say that I wouldn’t have gotten married, but I really wish that I had that in my mind going in. Better late than never though.

In light of my goal to essentially give up trying to control my husband this Advent (read that: Love him more fully), I’ve been thinking about this teaching a lot. Not so much all of the in-depth aspects of it, but really just these four bullet points.

Am I FREE in loving my husband?
Am I TOTAL in loving my husband?
Am I FAITHFUL in loving my husband?
Am I LIFE-GIVING {or maybe “Open to Life”} in loving my husband?

And while “yes” I am all those things… Am I really? Like, really, REALLY all those things? And how can they be improved upon?

This is what I’m thinking and praying on this upcoming Advent and beyond.

{Photo at the top is #26/365 – not the best quality, but it’s one of the few I have of us as a couple and I like it! and it was taken today… so it counts!}

Good night to all!

I'd love to hear your thoughts on what I've just posted. I do read and truly appreciate all comments. They make me smile!

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