7 Quick Takes, Vol. 8 {Thanksgiving run down and random otherness}

— 1 —

Clean Spaces: Just would like to state for the record that I clean off AND decorated my mantle for Thanksgiving.


Johnny and Grandma and Desserts!This happens to work out conveniently because I will now have a place to display the Nativity scene without it being completely at the mercy of my 2-yr-old.

— 2 —

Desserts: Jumping straight to desserts, what I happen to think of as the best part of Thanksgiving Day. I love desserts.

Johnny and Grandma and Desserts!
Johnny and Grandma and Desserts!

Dessert scavenger hunt: Fruit salad, pineapple upside down cake, pumpkin cheesecake, apple crisp, tiramisu, pecan pie, chocolate crème pie with instant coffee added (thanks mom!) and something that got termed PMS dessert (some sort of cheesecake-like thing with added reses pieces and bits of other candies ? in it).

We went over again this morning to my parents and had another round of chocolate crème pie!

 — 3 —

 Thanksgivings – extra “-s” intentional. About halfway through the month we started a Thanksgiving countdown chain. It took the kids a little while to get the hang of it, but once they figured it out, they started getting very excited to pull  a chain. They have loved “writing” down their “Thanksgivings” as Katherine calls them. While most days it’s been very typical preschool-er things: bunnies, food, candy, etc… I’ve been glad that they are learning to be intentional about being thankful for things. Because really, even these little things, are things that were given in one form or other and they should be given thanks for them. We plan to continue working on it during Advent with a countdown chain.

— 4 —

 Out of Order. For some reason or other I filled in the other numbers first and got stuck on the last one… #4. Am I totally alone in doing random filling out of these things?!? I suppose this could be indicative of how I do things in “real life”. I start something, do a bit of jumping around, stop for a little while, and come back and finish up by doing something random. Oh well. It’s now complete. I have 7 {not-so-quick} takes, and no one really has to know that I started with #7 and ended with #4.

— 5 —

Tita’s Birthday: We had a blow-out-the-candles-in-honor-of-Tita’s-Birthday during dessert time yesterday. I forget how many times we sang until everyone finally got around the table, but my children could sing Happy Birthday countless times before getting tired of it. Also helped that the candles were lit for the entire time. My kids + birthday candles = pure excitement!


— 6 —

Advent Prepping: Before this project ended in minor meltdown’s from the 4-year-old we rolled half of our Advent candles. Before said meltdowns they really enjoyed doing it. We’ll most likely do the rest tomorrow, seeing as how Sunday is the first day of Advent!!! (I’m so excited!!)


— 7 —

Sun Pics! In case you were wondering there are approximately seven sun spots currently visible on the sun. At least as of 1:00 PM EST.

Jared pulled out his telescope today… and his sun filter…. added a camera and now we have just about 74 pictures that look only slightly different than this:


Seriously though, I still think it’s pretty cool that we can look at the sun! I expect he’ll do more editing of the pictures and post some on his blog.

~Ruth Anne

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