Two days unplugged…

Well, here we are. End of day 2 of being semi-unplugged for Advent. There’s a little more detail in the post just linked, but basically I’ve given up checking social media on my phone. Apps are gone. Period. Besides the social media, I’ve also been *trying* to not check my email (on my phone), more than once a day… that hasn’t quite worked so well as of yet, but we’re getting there. I think I’m down to three email checks/day, as opposed to before: anytime I grabbed the phone. I’m also limiting my computer time to when the kids are asleep. That would have worked if 1) my kids napped this afternoon (they didn’t. all three of them.) 2) the boys had actually decided to go to sleep last night at bedtime. (they didn’t). But other than that, we’re good.

Yesterday, I think I felt it the most. It was really just trying to break the habit of grabbing the phone everytime I had a spare second. No more checking email/FB/etc on the way to Mass. No more grabbing it during lunch. No more picking up the phone as soon as the kids go for a rest. No more checking it while waiting for my sister to be done with her RCIA class… You get the idea.

What I DID do instead, especially waiting in the car, was read. A real book. There are a few smaller books that I’d like to finish up for various reasons.

Today was a lot better. And I noticed some GREAT benefits right away. Like at 6:45 AM. I had already checked my email (on my phone), and that was it. So I got my coffee, sat on the couch and made my way through a few of my daily devotionals (not Advent “reading” per se, but still spiritual reading). Then, seeing as how Katherine was the only one awake and she was mesmerized by the fiber optic Jesse Tree (yes, I know, a little flashy… but it’s what we have) I did more reading. All in relative quiet.

The amazing thing was that when Kat did come and sit next to me with her book, I was able to set down my book and read hers and I didn’t feel like I was “giving up something that I selfishly wanted to do” because I had already had a good solid 45 mins to myself and my own books. I hadn’t spent those minutes reading posts on FB or checking the other email that has all the blogs I subscribe to. I was just able to engage in the moment for what it was.

Monday has somehow become designated my “clean the upstairs” day. Most days it only half happens. Usually because I grab my phone a few too many times, and I run out of time (by running out of time I mean the kids become unoccupied and must be attended to). Very hard to clean a bathroom with a cell phone in hand. Takes about 5 times as long too. I was shocked when I got done with everything that I really wanted to before 10:00AM. AND the kids were still occupied.

keeping occupied with tents
keeping occupied with tents
(which I later helped them with. Since when does that happen? I didn’t get frustrated at the mess and I did get down and help?)

Later in the morning we decided to do some Arts & Crafts to get going on our Christmas presents. And very similar to earlier in the morning, I didn’t feel pressured to get through it quickly, because I wasn’t trying to get something else done (it was done already), and I wasn’t trying to read all those FB posts while trying to monitor markers.

no stress marker time
no stress marker time

I know I’m painting a nice pretty picture of today being all calm and full of book reading and great alone time, but that wasn’t reality. I still got a bit more frustrated with the kids than I would like. This especially has to do with 1) the fact that they’re all quite literally “jumping off the walls” excited about the Christmas Tree and 2) Katherine is in a “if I want it, it’s mine” stage and has been for a while, but recently it’s gotten to: “if I want it, it’s mine” + grabbing of toy or shoving of brother (sometimes rather forcefully). So we’ve been dealing with that a LOT. Added to that I really would have enjoyed if they actually took a quiet rest time, so that I could have a little time to do a little praying (and sneak in few minutes on the computer). I got 5 min. But I did get to go shopping tonight, break kindly provided by Mr. Hubby, and I got the kids their books for St. Nicholas Day, so we’re all set there :).

Ok, this is a really long rambling post that I hope has made at least a little bit of sense. To all you others unplugging for Advent, keep it up. I think this will be a huge benefit. I’m actually considering keeping the social media apps off my phone permanently – the amount of “free” time or time to take care of little important things like cleaning the bathroom, is quite shocking actually. I hate to think I spent that much time on my phone.

Wanted to P.S. this by saying that I’ve had a few times where I’ve just sat and haven’t done anything for a few minutes. They’ve been great. Talk about real resting!

Linking up with Haley for week one!

{marker photo is #32/365}


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