7 Quick Takes, Vol. 9 {Just a week of random}

Just a bit of random thoughts and pictures from the last week.

— 1 —

Library book high: We made it to the library this week after an almost two-week absence. We returned all the books laying around the house and picked up just a few more to read.


You could probably say that I get just a bit excited about new books in the house, library books or otherwise. We’ve been reading our way through the randomly selected books, have found a couple of gems, and a few duds, but still, so exciting to have *new* books. The best part of it though, is after the high is gone, I can return them and get more… And with the exception of a few coins here and there as we overlook books to return, we don’t have to shell out cash for these books. Win-win for all!

— 2 —

St Nicholas Day:  Today is St. Nicholas Day. This is our first time doing anything to mark the occasion. It’s been fun. We haven’t done anything extravagant. The kiddos have very much enjoyed their candy canes. And then some more candy canes when they found the ones we didn’t eat.


 — 3 —

 Kitchen relaxations… Say what?!? Yes, my dear friends, I actually found myself in the kitchen a few times this week completely enjoying being there cooking. And on top of that, I realized I was relaxing while doing it! For someone who has always viewed cooking as a necessary evil, it was actually kind of nice to be having a good time doing it. All I was making was banana bread and lentil soup (not at the same time).

— 4 —

 Heath insurance. A few weeks ago, we received a letter from our state health insurance saying that our coverage needed to be reevaluated. Based on my figuration of our income (it’s all income based), we, Jared and myself, would probably loose coverage with them beginning in January. So, I prayed and submitted all the info they asked for (plus some).

We received a letter earlier this week saying that there would be no change to our coverage, and that it would continue for everyone!! Not sure how they figured that, but I’ll take God’s blessings as they come.

— 5 —

Probation on track: Jared’s probation has been a bit of trip. They ended up loosing his file at the court, so they couldn’t schedule his meetings with his P.O., which isn’t really a huge deal per se, except that he was court ordered to do a few classes which he couldn’t begin until he met with his P.O… so now that that’s all set, he can start taking care of the rest of his requirements.

Please keep us in prayer, and him specifically as he goes to these meetings/classes.

— 6 —

Snowmen: We’ve spent the better part of this week doing these cute little snowmen crafts, that we are making into ornament gifts for the neighbor kids. Completely lost the site where I got the idea from, but they’re pretty simple.


— 7 —

Some links from this week: Thought I would go ahead and share a few links that I’ve found through various places that I’ve been thinking about all week:

~Ruth Anne

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