Theme Thursday: Lights

I totally forgot about the TT linkup until I saw someone else’s post show up in my feed….

Seeing as how that was yesterday, and I read it while waiting for a huge amount of pictures to upload to a sharing site on my ancient computer (read: it was taking foooorrreevvvvvvveeerrrrrrr), this post is late. Needless to say, I dutifully went to find some pictures of lights (because I LOVE light pictures). I was able to grab a few I was happy with, then I wasn’t actually able to upload them because of previously uploading event, and now it’s Saturday morning, and I’m waiting for the coffee to finish brewing and the kids are fascinated by the Christmas Tree and asking why St. Nicholas can’t leave presents this morning too, so I have a few minutes!



Second Attempt at photographing a fiber optic tree –


Finally I gave up and just jiggled the camera intentionally –


Then I decided enough with the tree all together and just decided to give my sugar bowl a halo –



Really, if you tell me to take pictures of lights I can be distracted for hours on end.

Linking up over at Clan Donaldson for Theme Thursday!


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