Simple Things Sunday {14}

This has been a pretty tough week.

Maybe it’s just me focusing a little too much on the contents of this post
Maybe it’s the fact that my lover-of-outdoors kids have been indoors the past week +….
Or maybe it’s the fact that a certain 4-year-old used the word “hate”, and when asked where she heard it said “mommy”, then you remember that time when you let go a few choice words about something that you can’t even remember exactly was the big deal at the time…

Yeah, it’s been that kind of week.

But, we did get the house decorated (sorry, no pictures as of yet). It was very nice to see the kids being totally and completely excited about it. I always manage to forget how excited they get about Christmas and decorating, will be working on capturing some of that this coming week.

And there were a few sweet moments the kids had together. In particular Karl was very determined to get Katherine’s shoe on:




He was extremely focused. I was glad to capture this moment, because it was one of only a handful where they weren’t pushing and shoving all weekend.

I am now being summoned to the bedroom for a good night kiss and hug.

Prayers for a good start to this upcoming week.

~Ruth Anne

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