Ten days unplugged…


Well, last week was a challenge. As I mentioned in another post over the weekend, I’m not really sure why it was so challenging, but it was.

So, how’s it going?

Well, I’d say that all the things I was going to get rid, such as the social media apps, of are going fine. The apps are still off my phone. So, naturally, I haven’t been on them nearly as much.

But…… I’m realizing exactly how addicted I was to them. Because I find myself jumping for the computer the second (and I mean, quite literally, the second) the kids are sleeping. Which, for the past week has been mostly just the evening, because not one or two, but all three of my children have decided that nap time need not exist for the sanity of their mother, which leads to things such as someone waking up at 11:00 and being up for an hour and a half…. or…. waking up at 4:30AM and deciding that it’s time to start the day…. But, I digress. I’ve noticed that I am addicted to social media. And I don’t like it. I don’t like feeling that pull of something. I love reading the blog posts that pop up in my feed, but I don’t get tons of actual enjoyment out of *being* on FB. I can just see the wasted time, going, going, poof. Gone! And I don’t enjoy that. Ironically, while I was thinking about this post, I realized that, this must be sort of what a recovering alcoholic (or any addict) must feel. It gives me a little more insight into how my husband must be feeling, to some degree.

But on the other hand, I have, dare I say it? almost found myself bored. Once I do the things that need to happen for the day. And once I’ve attempted a prayer time, or spent some time reading… I realize that I could actually start on one of the projects that I always put off because there’s never any time. I will reiterate what I said last week, it is totally scary how much time is eaten up by all those apps on the phone.

spur of the moment library trip, just because we needed to get out of the house
spur of the moment library trip, just because we needed to get out of the house… he was a tad confused as to what that white stuff was

Checking email only once… not happening so much.

Only evening computer time… yes, but not because I really had much of a choice. The one time I did pop on the computer for a minute (to pay the mortgage mine you, not to check email or anything), Johnny fell down the basement stairs. He ended up only cutting his lip and scraping his chin, but from the way he was screaming and holding his hands over his mouth and the amount of blood….. Let me tell ya, I thought his teeth had gone through….. So, yeah, computer time AND kids awake = not good.

The part that’s really, really been hard is taking my limited kid-less time and devoting at least some of it to prayer. This is a really big struggle because I feel that the more time I spend praying the worse the day gets. We’ve finally made it to the point where I can read the morning readings, with the kids, say a few short prayers and the day doesn’t fall apart.

But if I sit down and have a few minutes of intense prayer and listening…. It feels that the days does a nosedive in super-fast mode. Prayers for that? Please?

Maybe that’s why this last week was so hard. I don’t know.

That’s enough for now. Hope everyone else is doing well in their unplugging. I haven’t had a chance to read all the posts linked up, but I hope to be able to at some point. Head over to CarrotsForMichaelmas to find more Advent Unplugged posts!

Have a blessed week all!


4 thoughts on “Ten days unplugged…

  1. Grandpa always said that if you can’t succeed at praying, at least succeed at efforts to pray. At least you can pray in the spirit, if you can’t pray with your mind.


    LOVE, Grandma

  2. Honey, the harder you try to pray, the harder your adversary atacks. Through the years, I found Paul’s admonition to the Philipians to ‘pray without ceasing’ was what worked for me. Now,of course, no one in this life can constantly be praying in solitude, without interruptions. Rather, at least to me, it means talking to the Lord where ever I am and whatever I am doing. If I’m cooking, I might talk to Him about that; if I’m doing dishes, cutting the grass, shoveling snow, trying to figure something out – whatever I am doing, I talk to the Lord – sometimes about what I’m doing, but sometimes about other things as well.If I’m happy, I tell Him; if I’m sad or hurting, I’ll picutre myself climbing into His lap, laying my head on His chest, and pouring out my pain to Him. He always listens…and sometimes, if I listen real hard, I can hear His words of comfort.
    Grandpa and I still pray together every day for an extended period of time. But, to me that just doesn’t feel the same.
    Ruthanne, your job right now is to take care of those three babies that the Lord gave you. That is the way you need to worship God right now. Doing your very best in whatever He gives you to do – i.e. taking care of your babies –
    is a way of worshiping the Lord, if you do it for Him. Some day, they will be bigger and on their own. Then you can adjust your schedule to find specific time alone to focus on prayer. But for now, the Lord doesn’t expect you to do the impossible. And doing the best you can to teach them to love and obey the Lord is His assignment for you at this present time. I love you Than. Grandma

  3. I haven’t been great about email, either. But removing FB was really a lifesaver for me. And I’m so much more aware of how having the laptop open affects how I engage with my kids. If I just wait til they’re in bed, I can sit down and do what I need to do. If I try to do ANYTHING while they’re awake, I do a poor job mothering and whatever I had to do on the laptop.

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