sixteen days unplugged


This past week has gone so so so much better than last week. For that I’m grateful. FB has had almost zero pull when I do get a chance on the computer. (yay!) While I enjoy seeing the posts from people I enjoy following, I don’t miss most every thing else. I still reach a bit too much for my phone, but that too has gotten better. Almost completely resolved to leave FB off my phone after Advent. Now, I’m working on trying to limit my “on the computer” time in general, as I realized one evening just completely slipped away (all four hours of it or so), by just checking this or that or whatever….. So, that’s not really great time spending either.

I picked up some Advent Reading , even though I wasn’t sure I was going to. I find, that if I’m listening, God will speak to me through books! That’s amazing!

And sometimes when we listen, we are led into places we do not expect, into adventures we do not always understand.
Mary did not always understand. But one does not have to understand to be obedient.

– Madeline L’Engle, Miracle on 10th Street: The Other Side of Reason (pg 76-77)

The being obedient is something that’s been floating around in my mind the last few months. So it was nice and helpful to read this passage.

I also received two comments, one from each of my grandmothers about the praying that I was having a hard time with.

You can pray in the Spirit, if you can’t pray with your mind.

Your job right now is to take care of those three babies that the Lord gave you.  That is the way you need to worship God right now.

Gotta love grandmas! With these pieces of advice I’ve been more intentional about praying while doing something instead of waiting until I get to sit down and have a “prayer time”. (I did get one of those this week, it lasted 5 minutes flat!). It’s been a lot less stressful praying that way.

And for my resolve to respond to my husband ONLY with love…. well, I can’t say we haven’t had any arguments, but we have had a couple of conversations (not necessarily “big” or “long”), but both of them have left me with a feeling of peace. One of them didn’t even “work out” how I had it going in my mind, but, even so it was very peaceful. For that I’m extremely grateful. Looking forward to that continuing!

In other Advent-y news. Our Jesse Tree has stalled… 😦 Mostly because we put up the rest of the decorations. Well, let me back up. We decided not to get a “real” tree this year, because we didn’t want to figure out where to put it (our house has corners in all the wrong places for a tree, I know, sounds weird, but it’s true), plus shelling out $40+ for a tree (more if we cut our own) is not something that easily fits with us at the moment. Anyways, we decided just to use the little tree, the one we’ve been using for the Jesse Tree, for the Christmas Tree. And of course the kids were practically jumping up and down to decorate, and if you pull out the lights to decorate the house (can’t do the tree since it’s already got lights and is pretty small), you have to get the ornaments, and once those come out, they’re up. Everywhere. Quite literally everywhere since the tree isn’t big enough to hold all the ornaments. But anyways, I miss the big tree. Don’t miss the mess. If I had remembered that Gaudete Sunday was this Sunday and that’s also a day when people decorate more for Christmas, I would have tried to wait, but I completely forgot, so we decorated. Would like to finish the Jesse Tree readings at least, but I don’t know if that will happen.

We got our first real snow over the weekend. It was what I’d consider a small snow, only a few inches. Made more of a mess than anything, especially since it rained a little bit then froze. Yeah, slippy slidy roads = no fun. But the kids have enjoyed looking at it. They still don’t last long outside, good for me since I’m not much interested in being out in it. The only small downside is our heat finally went out. We have been waiting for it to get low so we could switch our boiler to gas (from oil; much cheaper, trust me). This is one of those projects that should be done in the summer, or other warm-ish season so as not to run into problems like these. But we have the parts for the switch (thank you Visa!), now we’re just waiting on the plumber to be able to come and do the switch. Thankfully mom lives down the street and has heat. So we’re parked here for the day. My Monday cleaning has been postponed, but that’s ok, since I did some yesterday in light of the early birthday party we had for me last night.

In almost related news there is an Advent Veiling project happening (see this post for my story and links to the rest of the project), and Veils by Lily is having a giveaway open until midnight tonight if you’d like to enter for a chance to win your own veil!

And, this post has gotten long enough now. I’m off to crochet some more and attempt to finish up one of my 15+ things I was going to make for Christmas… at least they’re small.

~Ruth Anne


2 thoughts on “sixteen days unplugged

  1. Have you noticed that the NT passages on husband and wife, especially Eph. 5, focus on “respect” on the part of the wife, but “love” (self- sacrificing love) on the part of the husband. Interesting.


    1. I’ve actually been thinking and struggling, then thinking and *very*, *very* slowly coming to accept that passage and adjust my mind to that way of thinking. A work in progress!

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