Small Success Thursday {4}

I’ve really missed doing this link up from I love the idea of sharing a few things every week to help keep the focus on the positives.


Just a few quick thoughts and positives from this week

1. Oil/Heat/Knowing a plumber… We’ve been going to switch over our boiler to gas for a while. But anyway, I’m glad that God allowed the oil that we had in the tank to last until Sunday (instead of going out earlier and leaving us without heat even longer). Grateful for a dad who kept the tank with just enough diesel to keep it going until the plumber could come. I’m thankful that we are part of a small family owned construction company that has good contact with a plumber who came out to do the switch. And cleaned the boiler. And fixed the water line going to the pila (I don’t know what you call them in English, a utility sink…?). And gave us advice on our water heater.

2. Twenty-Eight years. I celebrated my birthday this week. I know many people don’t like getting older, but I don’t mind it. Being a mom to little people, there aren’t many days where I get much attention. I’m not an attention seeking kinda person, so I’m totally fine with this arrangement, but having a special day, is nice. To all those that sent me notes, if I somehow missed thanking you, then I thank you now. Thanking God too for another year, and for the many great things He has taught this past year.

3. Reminded of the shortness of life tonight. We all went the Shrine of Our Lady of La Sallette (in the US, not France) tonight. A few years, maybe five, a group of us went there, had a good time, looked at the lights, took some photos, etc… One of the young men who went on that trip passed away earlier this year, I didn’t know him well, but my brother and some other friends were very close to him. Somehow, for me, La Sallette will always be a place that I remember him. It hit me as I was taking pictures of our group this year, that any one of us could not be here in five years, for whatever reason. And while yes, that may be a bit morbid to use as “success”, I’m glad for the reminder it gave me to appreciate and be grateful for the time that I do have with those that I love.candle1 candle2


One thought on “Small Success Thursday {4}

  1. I, too, have been glad to be part of a family that has a construction business. So many times Steven has blessed us with his expertise and his contacts, and saved us money as well. Hope the gas heat goes well. Incidentally, here we have electric baseboard heating. It seems to work well. The apartment must be very well built and insulated. It maintains a comfortable temperature even when it’s zero outside. Actually, we only had a few days of zero weather. Teens and twenties here seem like forties in South Carolina because the humidity here is so low. Right now it’s snowing. We’ve had snow several times but it never gets very deep = so far.

    I appreciated your birthday reflections and brevity of life reflections. Hopefully, our card will have reached you by now.

    Love, Grandma

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