7 Quick Takes, Vol. 10

Some bits of our week, things upcoming things I’m participating in, and whatever else happens to pop into my brain in the next 35 min while “Thomas and Friends: Christmas” finishes playing on Netflix.

— 1 —

Yes, I use Netflix on a daily basis: Especially since my little ones mostly don’t nap anymore, and since if they DO happen to be upstairs “resting” things end up rather more destroyed than quiet…. So, usually “naps” last for about half hour, then a little quiet reading on the couch, and since I’m usually not done with my own personal quiet/reading/blogging/computer time I let them watch a little something. At least in the winter I have been. Otherwise outside they go. Actually, they’d go outside willingly now, but sometimes below 10 degrees is just too cold.

— 2 —

10 Best Catholic Pages on FB:  Like I need more reason to be on FB, especially since I’ve drastically reduced the time spent on there the last few weeks. But if you’re interested in more stuff to add to your feed you can click on over here

 — 3 —

Upcoming Project #1: I found this project through a link on a link on a link. I’m excited to be participating because I’m hoping to grow my photography skills, especially with my new bday gift 🙂


— 4 —

Upcoming Project #2. Also jumping on this Jane Austen project. I’ve wanted to read more of Jane Austen for a while now, and when I found this project, I knew I needed to join because that would be the motivation I needed to keep up with the reading.

Motherhood and Jane Austen 250x250

— 5 —

Book lists in the making: Speaking of reading books, I’m working on my 2014 book list. At last count I had over 30 books… there’s just so much good stuff to read!! And I haven’t even gone back to my favorite blogs to see past reading lists… I’ll be posting my current year list towards the end of next week.

On top of a list I’m making for myself, I’m considering making a much smaller one for read alouds to the kids. I’m open to suggestions for what’ worked well for you. My only listeners are Katherine (4) and John (3).

— 6 —

Kids going for a walk: There is a story behind this photo. I took this picture on my way to work. My mom was taking the kids on a short walk down the block (she does stuff like that, unlike me, who, the second there’s snow on the ground, we don’t go wandering past the back yard). Anyways, I took the picture and left. After I heard that they all ran back to our house (about four down from where this one was taken), got their shovels and proceeded to shovel out the rest of the street. I dunno, I thought it was a cute story.


— 7 —

Speaking of snow: We went to the Shrine of Our Lady of La Sallette (in the US, not France). This photo is from there. The kids were much more interested in running in the snow and climbing over stuff than the lights. They were thoroughly impressed with this “Snow ball”, which went up past Johnny’s knees; they tried several times to pick it up.snowball

~Ruth Anne

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