Small Success Thursday {5}

Getting back into all my blogg-y linkups this week. I think we’ll be settling in for an end of the week/weekend at home due to winter weather. Maybe if I sneak it in real fast no one will notice it: but I don’t mind the snow. At least not now. If this was March and the 10th major snowstorm of the year, than I’d have a different opinion. But for now, I don’t mind.

Other small successes of the week:

1. Jared met with a customer at the house last Friday (something he never does). I decided I’d just keep the kiddos upstairs and out of the way. Ended up doing minimal organizing of the boys room, but what I really enjoyed was just spending time with the kids, setting up their road for the cars, and just sitting with them. I couldn’t DO anything (no computer, couldn’t be in the kitchen, didn’t want to walk to the basement with laundry), so I just sat with them. I realized that it didn’t cause anything to fall apart. My dishes waited, we still had clean clothes, the blogs weren’t going anywhere. It was just peaceful.

2. Glad for being able to spend most of New Year’s Eve with the family. Especially glad for the dance I got to do with my dad. We never had a father-daughter dance (I was homeschooled – so no school dances; and my wedding was a very small, low-key, home ceremony – no dancing there). Anyways, it was nice. And I’m so glad someone picked up my camera and took a photo 🙂

me and dad

3. I really enjoyed doing my Reading list posts (to read 2014, and what I read in 2013). I enjoyed that I have a place (the blog) to share what I want to accomplish, even if it doesn’t always get done.

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