Theme Thursday: Ridiculous

I suppose this post could go a couple ways.

On the one hand we’re in the midst of winter storm Hercules. Really? Who names these things… Anyways, cold, snow, wind, parking bans, the works. This really shouldn’t be ridiculous, I do live in New England where these things DO happen on a yearly basis. It’s the name…

Waiting for the ice to melt off the windshield

On the other hand, Karl, who is exactly 1 year 354 days old (can’t believe he’s almost two!!!) not only stayed up until just a few minutes ago (actually, that’s not so ridiculous as he does it several times a week). But decided that emptying the contents of a bag of chips (the end of the bag mind you, with all the little teeny tiny bits and pieces), was a grand idea. Guess we’re cleaning tomorrow πŸ™‚

chips and toddlers

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