homemade pre-fold cloth diaper

I wanted to move a couple of posts over from the “OLD” blog to this new one. Especially ones that seem to be generating some interest out there in the internet world and since I have nothing else lined up to post today I thought I’d go ahead and do this one!

This was first publish in February 2013:



I have been thinking a lot recently about making my own cloth diapers (and cloth wipes). Especially since we always seem to scrounging for extra $$.

I primarily use pre-folds (the kinds with diaper pins and a diaper cover). Its what I grew up seeing my mom use. And they’re the cheapest to purchase (decent ones come to about $2/each). And to me, they seemed like they would be the easiest to make (me with my extremely limited sewing knowledge and ability…).

The diaper I made is based loosely off the pattern from this site. I used it because it was the first I found that gave directions to make a diaper using old T-shirts… which I have plenty and more of.

Following are directions for a 4x8x4 regular sized (as opposed to toddler or newborn) pre-fold cloth diaper, made with flannel and a T-shirt.


Cut 4 pieces of cloth 18in x 18in

I used one old T-shirt to cut two 18in squares and I used a piece of flannel material that I purchased at Savers (for $0.99!!) to cut two more pieces.


(T-shirt on left, flannel on right)


Place two of the squares together and fold over so the flannel is on the outside



Overlap rectangles (open sides to the outside) until desired width and pin together. I overlapped mine until I had approximately 4in on either side and 5in in the middle.



Sew down the row of pins with a straight stitch. (The straight stitch on my sewing machine doesn’t like me, so I used a loose zig-zaggy one [I know not a technical term]) Make sure to get through all eight layers/overlapped parts.

Then zig-zag stitch around the edges. I have no idea if my machine has a serge capability, so I don’t know if that works better.


I was using the method of “sew around the edges so it doesn’t come apart” aka “whatever stitch I can find that works”.

Then you’re done!!

Couple of notes:

All material that is used should be 100% cotton. (Non-cotton diapers can hold the stink of the diapers worse than all cotton).

I like the flannel on the outside because I feel like its 1) softer and 2) absorbs a little faster/better than a T-shirt

I was able to get three diapers out of the piece of flannel that I bought. All T-shirts were laying around the house (free). So that works out to approximately $0.33/diaper. Or almost 85% off the cost of a purchased pre-fold. Works for me :)


I'd love to hear your thoughts on what I've just posted. I do read and truly appreciate all comments. They make me smile!

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