A “working” day: Real-Life mamahood {4}


Today is a different normal day in my mamahood. Unlike the previous ones (1, 2, and 3). This is a day where I go to work outside the house… at “the office”…

Today, I jumped out of bed at 6:45 AM with time already against me as my mom was going to be here at 8:00 AM to watch the kids (ideally, so I could get an earlier start on the day at “the office”).

Today, I did get a cup of coffee and a little bit of reading in. But because Karl got up so late I didn’t get a chance to get him changed and dressed. Normally, I don’t mind letting someone else do the “dirty work”, I know I do it often enough. But it was weird…. so often I’m so willing to pass on the mamahood chores to someone else, but when those chores were “taken away” because I couldn’t be here it was pulling at my heart strings.

Today, I was extra late getting home (I work half a day), because I did my weekly grocery store during the school let out times (or otherwise known as school-bus-drivers-don’t-know-how-to-drive time).

Today, I came home to find the kids deeply engrossed in superhero movies with dad (my mom had to leave to go to her other job). A bonus though: the dishes were done and there were relatively few toys on the floor.

Today, we didn’t do any preschool (something I’ve been trying to get back on track).

Today, motherhood didn’t exactly play out as I would have liked. But, my kids are loved, and fed, one of them got a bath, and they’re all just a little more educated in Star Trek and I can’t take it too hard that I would have preferred things differently. Just looking forward to getting to spend the next three days straight with them. Seriously, I am 🙂

Off to read a few stories in their reading corner before we head to bed!

~Ruth Anne

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2 thoughts on “A “working” day: Real-Life mamahood {4}

  1. Nearly all children in our area ride buses and my goodness, they are EVERYWHERE. I always forget school let out time should be a “driving black out” time for anyone who is not a school bus or parent picking up kids.

    We plan to homeschool but I am hoping to not start anything formal until kindergarten because trying to do something with preschoolers is so daunting. So you might not have gotten to it this day, but the fact that you do it all all, has me in awe!

    Kind of random, but I don’t have an instagram account to be able to comment there, but the pancakes I’m seeing in your instagram widget looks FABULOUS!!!

    1. As far as homeschooling, the more I “try” to do it, the more I’m realizing that anything formal probably shouldn’t be done before kindergarten at the earliest.
      Thanks, we LOVE pancakes over here 🙂
      ~Ruth Anne

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