Small Success Thursday {5}

Well, other than the kids getting a bit stir crazy having to stay indoors due to cold, it’s been a pretty normal week over here.

I noticed at some point today that I spend a lot of time judging the good/special moments in our day to day lives by what immediately precedes or follows them. Therefore if something nice happened after a particularly rough day, I’ll have a mental snapshot of the nice moment, but each time I refer to it, I’ll explicitly remember the not so nice that came before it.

Here’s to not remembering the hard moments surrounding a perfectly good memory and focusing on the good and special moments of the past week.

1. One thing I’m thankful for this week is impromptu movie nights with my hubby. Popcorn included 🙂 I think this may have been the first time we’ve sat down with popcorn and watched a movie. And apparently I never knew the story of Jack and the Beanstalk…

2. Tickle sessions with Karl. After spending most of today running around and not doing mommy stuff, it was really nice to be able to have a minute with Karl just tickling and goofing 🙂

3. Oil change, light bulb change (in the car) and groceries all paid for in cash (therefore not “costing” us dollars in the checking account).

Thank you Jesus for the little gifts you’ve give me these past few days; open my eyes to keep seeing them for what they’re are.


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