7 Quick Takes, Vol. 11 {slate crafts (not mine), cardiologist update, and where I ask for multiple pieces of advice}

— 1 —

A Christmas gift that was exchanged this year: 


My brother made this cross out of a single piece of slate. It wasn’t given to me, but we all spent tons of time ooo-ing and ahh-ing over it. Probably one of the best gifts given 🙂 Me thinks he should get himself an Etsy store or something…

— 2 —

Other slate things: 


 — 3 —

Cardiologist Update:

Katherine had her annual check up with the cardiologist. {I actually didn’t even know about the appointment until they called to remind me yesterday afternoon…. otherwise I would have completely forgotten since the last time we were there was about a year ago}. Anyways… we went. First she freaked out while they took, get ready… : her height, her weight and her blood pressure… She calmed down for the EKG… and she was great through the ultrasound…. and goofing with the Nurse Practitioner (who we see instead of the doctor).

Bottom line: Her VSD (which she’s had since she was born), if very full of tissue (which is has been for the last few years). I asked if the hole had gotten smaller… they said they measure the size of the hole by how much blood flow can get across, which they measure by how much dilation is on the left side of the heart *nods head in silent agreement* And her dilation is the same size as it was last year, but her overall heart is bigger since she’s bigger (always a good thing with a heart defect), which makes the ratio (“K number” maybe ????) smaller which makes it a good thing. *mommy smiles, sighs and says ok”*

So there you have it. She’s good for another year. And no plans to go ahead with any corrective surgery.

— 4 —

Papa’s got the kiddos:

Just dropped off my little ones with my dad (aka Papa). It’s his Friday night thing. He decided he wanted to spend some time with the kids without any “help” (my mom works Friday evenings so she’s not there and my sister is usually at her youth group so she’s not there). So they watch movies, eat snacks, play and goof off, and ideally we’d get a chance to go out by ourselves. But mostly we’ve just hung out at home and read without interruptions. That’s nice too though!

— 5 —

 What else this week…

I signed up for two book blogging things. And requested two books to review on my blog (something I’ve really enjoyed doing). After I requested the second one I realized that I also have a book list and library books that I’m trying to work through on a “deadline”, and…. ummmm…. may have bitten off just a little teeny bit more that I can read. Here’s to less time on the internet and more time snuggled with a book.

— 6 —

Doing a self-hosted blog.

Anyone at all have any thoughts they like to share about switching from a regular blog to a self-hosted blog? Sort of a “what you wished you had known when you first switched“. If you have any thoughts, suggestions, comments, etc. please, please, pretty-PLEASE leave them for me???? Or feel free to shoot me an email, that’d be fine too.

— 7 —

Quilt making.

Like I don’t already have enough projects and readings and other life things I do all the time, I’ve had it in my head for a while to make a quilt. But…. I don’t know where to start. Or how to start. Or anything like that. I’ve done google searches and while those sometimes turn up helpful info, I’d be interested in any advice/websites you found helpful. I would basically be a complete beginner. (I do finally know how to make my sewing machine work, so that parts covered!)

I think that concludes this edition of 7QTs, hubby wants the laptop and those books won’t read themselves.

Happy Friday Night everyone!

~Ruth Anne

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2 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes, Vol. 11 {slate crafts (not mine), cardiologist update, and where I ask for multiple pieces of advice}

  1. Saukeen and Cameron have both been attending a quilt making class here in Montana, which they have enjoyed. Both have made small quilts and are still at it.


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