Still Life Photography Project: Week Two

The focus of this week’s topic was filling the frame vs. leaving negative space. In going through the photos I snapped today, I can’t decide which way I lean. I tried to do a tight view and an “empty” view of each set of photos I took. I really can’t decide which way I prefer. I think…. both. Yes, both is what I prefer 🙂

The Mixing Bowls:

bowls - 1
with negative space
f/2.8; 1/60 s


bowls - 2
tight cropped
f/2.8; 1/100 s


bowls - set up
the “set up”

I desaturated both the photos, and added a little brightness to the top one, other than that they were unedited.

The Wine Glasses:

tight image f/2.8; 1/125 s
tight image
f/2.8; 1/125 s

No, I don’t have a “negative space” image using the wine glasses. Nothing really turned out quite right for me. This image was cropped, added soft focus and did a little contract/brightness tweaking.

More Wine Glasses:

wine glasses + buttons, negative space f/2.8; 1/60 s
wine glasses + buttons, negative space
f/2.8; 1/60 s


wine glasses + buttons, tight cropped f/2.8; 1/60 s
wine glasses + buttons, tight cropped
f/2.8; 1/60 s

I adjusted brightness just slightly for both. Cropped the top one to remove some of the negative space (there was way too much in the original). I applied a Night Effect Filter (slightly stronger on the top photo) to correct some of the color.

Lessons from this week:

* Keep having fun.
* Definitely keep shooting during nap time
* Find some completely natural light next time for whatever project I do. (I tried adjusting for the light in camera this time, and it worked to an extent, but then it acted weirdly when I put a white background …..)
* The purple shirt didn’t work so well as a background (it had more texture than I thought would show up).
* I guess the main lesson: pay attention to the background and how it produces texture and reacts with light.

While I enjoyed the end result of the pictures, and had a good time taking them, I was pretty uninspired. I think I need to try something a little bit different, but I’m not sure what exactly just yet. Maybe I’ll get another shot later this week (I know, I said that last week, but didn’t actually do it).


11 thoughts on “Still Life Photography Project: Week Two

  1. loved them all, I prefer both too! my favorite, I think (could change in a second), is the 3 wine glass stems. I think it’s the focus on the back one that draws me in and keeps me looking.
    great stuff!

  2. I love that you’re experimenting with different views and objects. It gets our creative juices flowing to just “begin”…..somewhere and you’ve done a great job. I like all your images but lean toward the cropped ones…..I think. It’s a tough decision. I really like the tight crop on the wine glasses and as marie said, it’s that focused one in the middle that pulls the eye directly in! Great job!

    1. Once I started I enjoyed it, and kept thinking of new ways to try to photograph something. But then I had to put my set up away (no place to leave things “set up” in my house). Must make my effort to be creative more than once a week!
      ~Ruth Anne

  3. I’m so fond of your wind glass stems. . A great depth of view and feeling ~ something new and surprising in your perspective – so creative!

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